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jessica in violet

Ive been dealing with toxic mold for some years now. I wasnt sure it was their but i smelled it. I had a newborn in 2009 and he started having rashes in his face.I brought him to his Drs.they where giving the run around saying that it was from people kissing on him and from the baby stuff i was using. I knew that wasnt the case. So within him being a motth old i woke up one morning and i saw blood sitting in mouth and i rushed him to the hospital A.S.A.S.P. They told me he had an lung bleed and his kidney was bad. I was like how he just had him and they didnt say he had any problems when i left the hospital. So they asked me did this run in the family and i was like no. Then they was doing all kids of research and they really wasnt sure what causeed it but they had to tell me something cause they had done hospitalized him for about 2 weeks. so they came told me he had an milk allergy. I couldnt really understand why he had an milk allergy. So i been dealing with this for some years, And my son been having severe headaches and his eyes would be so red and his eyes would tear up. it is really bad. My other daughter astma just would not get together and she always was dizzy and headaches. my other daughter i just brought her to the sept. and they told me her lungs was collapsing she’s been complaing for years she had to stop playing basketball fro highschool because she couldn’t breathe. And i been hospitalized a number of times because i couldnt breed shaking dizziness and ect.Throughout the years me and my kids been dealing with sinusitis, allergies, asthmas, shortness of breath, i forget things a lot, headaches and etc. All because the apartment i was living in been living in been having water problems. From the dishwasher from the washing area and the front door under the sinks. So i was starting to move out in oct. 2017 so i started to move some of my things around then i see a whole wall full of mold.Like i said from the begginig the house always did have a foul smell i told the landlord a long time ago he didnt do nothing about it. He came in my apartment in sept,2017 and he came brought me a thing for the aircondition and he saw the wet towels on the floor he saw the carpet being wet he saw the water and he just wanted his rent money i had water all in my closets things got wet and he saw it. Even section 8 came out the 1st we didnt see the mold and they was coming out all that week cause i was trying to move .They yes i can move then they told no i have to stay their after the inspector saw the mold all on the wall ,So i got an moldx inspector to come out and they said the whole house is full of mold you and your family have to get out there. So i just moved. But when i moved out i saw the landlord had someone just painting over the mold instead of taking the walls down, He’s gonna have another family sick. Like he has mine. And the section 8 program just letting him do whatever he wants. But im still running back and forth to the hospital with me and my kids. But its really hard to find a toxic mold lawyer ..I need help with this.

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