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Michelle in Belding, MI

I just came across this site. It has been very informative! For the past year I had been having neuropathy like symptoms in my extremities, numbness in my face, brain fog, such an achy lower back and neck that it hurt to stand up straight, and random waves of dizziness (I am a 55 year old woman). I went my family physician, and he scheduled an MRI w/ contrast to see if I had MS which was ruled out. So the next step is going to a neurologist whom I have an appointment with in 3 weeks. In my heart of hearts, I don’t feel like the neurologist will find anything. So I started my own detective work to try
and find some other ideas based on my symptoms. I hope it’s ok to post this here…in the past few weeks, a friend directed me to a site called, “Know the Cause, Doug Kauffman. Almost two weeks ago now, I started his Phase 1 diet and have been stringently followed it to a “t”. I am happy to say while my neuropathy is still present (maybe not quite as bad though- I’m trying to not get my hopes up), my brain fog seems to be getting clearer, my achy neck/back are completely gone, and I haven’t had any random waves of dizziness. I’m not going to lie; the diet has been difficult, especially the first few days. Initially, my sugar craving felt like a drug addiction. By God’s grace, I am almost to the two week mark in my venture, and I’m no longer craving sugar, and my body is feeling much better. I will continue to glean the internet to try and find ways to aid my body in the neccesary ways to get back to feeling 100%. Sites like Mold Blogger are helping people like me in a tremendous way. For that I send a huge, “THANK YOU”! We need to band together and offer what has worked personally to perhaps help countless others that are floundering out there!

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  1. Thank you for sharing Michelle! The more we can share information and experiences with mold, the more we can reach others with answers and ideas to help them in their situations. I hope you continue to heal and recover!

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