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Misty in Tigard, Oregon

I lived in apartments in Gresham Oregon ,when I started getting really bad migraines and having panic attacks, along with memory problems. My apt. sinks and washer would back up after heavy rains. I requested repairs they never got done. I ask to use their shop vac to clean up water and I was told he didn’t loan it out, that water ruins them. After becoming sick with what I thought was the flu and talking with my neighbors, I realized that we were all having issues with getting repairs done and being sick. I HAD A FRIEND GO UNDER MY APT AND TAKE PICTURES OMG IT WAS BAD THEN I HAD THE MOLD TESTED IT CAME BACK I HAD 3 DIFFERENT TYPES GROWING IN ONE SPOT. I THEN SUED THE APTS AND WON I MOVED TO TIGARD EVEN THOUGH IT’S BEEN 3 YEARS AGO I STILL DON’T FEEL LIKE MYSELF.

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