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Andrea in Jackson , GA

Moved in 12/1/12. 4/15/13 discovered leak & mold on ceiling & took pictures and sent to Owner.. Applied mixture of bleach & water, opened Windows for ventilation. Personal health issues declining. Carpet the throughout house continues to be damp. Purchased shampooer to absorb moisture , put damp rid in each room. Laundry floor warping, informed owner. Water ring visible in master bedroom. Shower floor cracked, mildew showing in & above shower. Kitchen cabinet under sink has rotted and wet. I had a plumber come out to install knew dish drain. Was not reimbursed. Owner refused to make repairs. Disposed of clothing and burned them due to extreme mold growth. Owner evicted me bc I continued to ask for repairs. Owner filed dispossessory notice moved out 3/21/17. I have a list of illnesses that I have to relay treatmeant nob


Who do I contact to inspect and test the property now that I’m evicted
How to get medical proof of mold related health issues?

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