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Stephanie in Lompoc

Me and my family are new renters.we only been here for 11 months. so its been a few months that we found out we had mold.the only thing i did was cleaned the walls ,but the weird thing is mold never showed on our walls just on our clothes prettu much everything that was touching the walls and stuff that where in out closet.and i kept wondering why i keep getting headaches etc.and my three kids (7,2year old and 11 month)been sick for 4 months straight and they don’t seem to get any i took them to the doctors. Because they wouldn’t stop coughing and his doctor said they have allergies.but its was just weird that all three of my kids had allergies. So i left it like that.yesterday i was looked behind my sons (11 month) crib looking for his bottle and i found mold all over his crib mattresss blanket…i was so mad becouse i can’t believe i never checked back there i cleaned everything but i never checked back there so i decided to write a letter and send pictures to my landlord regarding the mold. And right away they came they pulled the carper and yup what do we see mold the whole back of the carper was black and the sponge thing was damp so i asked if theycan put a new carpet oh something do he said no that the manager will not put a new carper that he will just clean and sanitize the i asked him so wouldn’t the mold come back then if thats all you’re doing.he said yea advasually so why do all that work if its gonna come back…


quetions is can i do a mold test and hire someone to do a mold test and show them have them pay for even though they already cleaned and sanitize the carpet….i just wanna make sure that our walls and catpet are mold free since that will be my kids room. Please help

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