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Gina in Stanton, Ca

I have lived at my apartment for near 7 years. I have had a total of 9 leaks and whenever a leak or flood happened they never brought in blowers or dried nor treated anything at all. I have a slum lord landlord who uses bullying tactics to scare her tenants out of lawsuits because she has a very large family and many live on the property as well. A couple days ago my entire apartment was flooded. They took all the carpet out that was soaked and left they rotted wood behind..left open holes in my walls…then basically said ok we will come back tomorrow and seal it up. Later that night I woke up with a horrible migraine and went to the emergency room. I came home to even more holes in the walls..all around, plumbers said that the manager said to reroute all the pipes to fix more leaks they found. The plumbers offered me a motel room cause they said we cannot stay there while they are working on the place and they knew the manger wouldn’t. We were on our way to the motel when the manager called wanting us to go back and talk to her. She was rude. Insulted my daughter as well as one of the plumbers, making accusations that were downright mean. In the end she gave me money for two nights in a motel. I went back in the evening after the plumbers had left. My friend and I took pictures of a piece of exposed mold that was discovered at this time. Now, over the history of my stay here, I have developed many mystery illnesses and coughs and I am always so tired and just feel ill..I am convinced now more than ever that this is attributed to the fact that I have unknowingly been exposed all this time to dangerous mold. My friend took my daughter to home depot after calling a legal hotline for info to get a mold test kit. By the time they got back to the apartment they had covered up the spot that had mold. Claiming they cut out the infested piece. Then threatened an eviction for causing so many problems over one little mold issue. She has always been very ruse to me. Very condescending and plain rude. So now..I have all these pictures and documented health issues and many videos and pictures from other leaks so I am contacting the health department and housing authority. I am certain any real professional that inspected the entire complex would find many mold issues. What else can I do. I am tired of the fight but can’t let this go.

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