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Shari in Livingston Montana

My daughter is 9 months pregnant and her baby is that 10% tile she knows that she has mold in her house my 7 year old grandson has been off and on sick for the last 2 years today I went to visit him he’s not feeling well not sure what his temperature was but he’s on fire he has rash on his arms and they’ve moved his bed closer to the doorway of his bedroom and its massive mold there’s mold in the toilet there’s mold underneath the sink when you do dishes is coming up and to your lungs my daughter is in a controlled relationship I don’t know what to do I feel like the if the baby comes home it would die does anybody have any suggestions suggestions to save my grandson and my new unborn grandson


Is my grandson’s fever caused by the mold is my unborn grandson development caused by the mold do you feel that if my unborn grandson become into a massively moldy home would he die

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