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Gerald in Austin tx.

Blindsided, Moved into new apt. sight unseen because of desperate housing situation. Never had this and no idea what was happening. I could not breathe and freaked out. I didn’t have a clue at first. Went to e.r. and felt fine. To move the story along. I saw mold on the vents. Immediately I went on line and found inspector who found high levels of mold. This stuff was burning my eyes and skin and swelling my throat acutely and burning my lungs. I was clueless. Landlord ignored avoided lied and said they were not liable. I Knew nothing mycotoxins.Everything got contaminated bad and I am unable to get it off of me if I get around anything I own even outside. I am sick and no one believes me except the allergist that I went to. This has cost me all my money and my health and with no advocates and skeptisism, I am in Hell.


I have pictures on my phone but can’t transfer. Is there any help for me?

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