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Gerald in Austin

The first night I spent in my new apartment I woke up in the middle of the night with the chest pain in throat closed burning and hurting. I was panicky. I wanted to call nine-one-one but I didn’t want to pay for the ambulance. I got up and gargled with hot salt water and I flushed my nose and face and throat and I washed everything and set up in my chair and felt really sick but a little better. I went to the store and bought all kinds of cold and allergy medicines. The weather was so good so the windows had been open and no air conditioning. When it warmed up I turn the air conditioner on and immediately my throat slammed shut and I ran out of the apartment. As soon as I left the apartment I was ok. I made the connection between the air conditioning in my throat closing. I went in three more times and ran out and the same affect. I called the landlord and I could not hear her on the other end she talk too softly so I hung up and called 311. They gave me to 911 and then the fire department. I contacted the managers office again and they said they would bring someone out. So the maintenance guy and the fireman came at the same time. They all add up to my apartment and looked around and said they didn’t know there was no problem and everything was fine and and they left. I was still freaking out and I was telling him hey man something is wrong I’m not making this up. So the guys said well what do you want me to do about it. I said you need to get someone in here to find out what’s causing the problem. So the manager she said all yeah we got a guy coming out. Meanwhile the maintenance guy was taken off the air conditioner Vents and put them in the floor and I got another maintenance guy showed up and shot of the fat flashlight in the dark then they said they didn’t see anything and they left. So I was waiting with the manager. I asked her when their guy was supposed to show up.? She said all that was the guy. I said aren’t they supposed to test something and. She said oh yeah he had a tester in his hand. At that point I wanted to say this sounds like b******* but I didn’t want to make no waves with these people because I didn’t want to be homeless. So after trying to convince me that it was the hay fever or allergy to Cedar or some kind of other illness, theyleft. I suffered through the night in the next day I called around and got a certified mold detector to come out. He immediately found toxic mold everywhere. I didn’t understand why 12 people could stomp around in my apartment and it not affect them at all and that it was trying to kill me immediately. So he advised me to leave. He said he would write up a report and have the samples analyzed and it should be a few days. The problem is I had nowhere to go. So that night stayed on the balcony. So that leads to today which is a holiday. I am scared and don’t know where I stand or what to do.


Can someone please help me. I have no idea what I’m up against. I have pictures but I don’t seem to know how to load them.

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