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Mary in West Valley City UT

My 3 Teenage Children and I, My 1 yr old Granddaughter are currently residing in a Mold infested Apt. Sever Water, Moistures, Humidity Damage’s caused by the landlord and Owner’s fail to fix the broken water pipes inside all my Apt’s Wall’s and the Broken Window located in my kid’s Bedroom, Broken Sprinkling System causing sever Water Damage’s inside my Entire Apt. Tenant’s living above me continue to flood my bathroom and kitchen ceiling’s by over flowing their bathtub and toilet, Kitchen sink, Electronic outlet’s through out my entire Apt. Also have sever Water Damages, My entire Furnace room also has Sever Moisture Humidity, Black Mold Damage’s causing the ceiling’s and Wall’s to collapse in on us. Mold in the Ventilation system and heating ventilation system, bathroom ceiling above bathtub and toilet is also starting to collapse in on us so are the bathroom Wall’s, My Boy’s bedroom walls and trim are also cracked, discoloration, Slitting in half from the floor almost to the ceiling, Walls starting to collapse and covered in black mold, Master Bedroom also has Sever Moisture Humidity Mildew Black Mold, Water damages’s causing the walls to collapse in on us, My family and I have had many trips to the E.R. And our Primary Care Doctor for Mold Related sickness’s, Sever Allergies,Sinus Allergyy and infection’s, Bacteria Infection’s, Vomiting Migraine Headache’s, Bloody Nose’s, Head Trauma, irregular heartbeat, body Akes and pain’s chronic Fitigue Sleep Problem’s Chronic Asthma, Eye Problem’s Skin Rashes, Memory Loss, Mood Changes, Weight loss, I have reported seeing mold through out my entire Apt several different time’s since I moved in on January 8, 2015, Since then our Black Mold, Server Water Moisture Humidity Mildew damage’s inside my Entire Apt have became much worse On the Morning of 10-26-16 I when in the master bedroom to check the wall by my bed, the wall very had severally discolored and had started showing sign of Sever Water and Moisture, Humidity, Black Mold bleeding through the wood trim, I pulled my bed away from the wall, That’s when I discovered A much bigger problem and A very scary concern about my family and I’s health and safety, Sever Black Mold had bleed through the entire wall ware my bed was, The carpet was also covered in black and white Mold, Padding under the carpet was also covered in black mold, Moisture, Mildew, Black Mold bleed out all over the side of my bed My sheet’s and Blanket’s had also had black mold on them, So I called the office right away Notifying them of Our Major Emergency Problem that needed their imediate Attention, No ever showed, Day’s and Week’s when by, My landlord or their Maintance guy’s never showed up to Address My Apt.s Unhabitable Unsafe Unsanitary Dangerous living Condition’s, Only thing they did do was provide Me with 3 large construction fan’s to dry out all the water and moisture inside wall’s and Apt. My family I had to move out on January 6, 2017… All of my kid’s have had to miss alot of School Because they are so sick


Do I have any Legal Right’s in this matter? Who can I turn to for Legal help? Does the landlord have to pay for Personal injury and Property Damage’s caused by their Nelagance?

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