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Brooke in Santa Maria Ca.

I have lived in my apartment for almost 5years in my first year I noticed mold in my sons closet. Maintenance was notified ,they cleaned and then painted over it.My sons room is the darkest in the house and has had a strong odor of mold. Last year while rearranging his room we noticed the carpet saturated and mold again but this time on the opposite side from the closet. I reported it to the office and they made the work order .Two days later maintenance came over pulled up the carpet had us take everything out of the room the pulled off the baseboard and saw what I believe black mold and dirt from outside. With a very overwhelming smell of mold they brought in a heavy duty fan pulled up the carpet and pad and set the fan blowing towards my family and the rest of the house. That was done on Friday afternoon and did not return until that following Tues. I have a 3,4,and 13 year old kids that are always having respiratory problems they ,we are sick more days out of each month than not. If someone would of came back to check on the situation, they would of saw that directly behind the fan was a puddle of water trailing in behind. I filed a report and submitted pictures with code enforcement referred to me by calling the health department about 2 months later and the day after maintenance replaced the baseboards only code enforcement comes by looks at the room and say well they did what they were supposed to and for the overwhelming smell of mold on all of my sons furnishings that were put in my dining room that they smelled stated oh we just finished watching a video about mold clean it with vinegar. That was their conclusion. They also turned the sprinklers the other way because that was the reason for the water maintenance concluded and I also informed code enforcement of. I had also informed housing of the situation and was told by my worker that I have been here long enough and I am eligible to move but there is nothing available right now so my best bet would be to talk to the office again!!! Well a year later back to square one sick kids and again carpet saturated and mold again but this time a worm behind the baseboard as a bonus I guess I don’t know who to team up with and while talking with an attorney I was informed that its too much of a financial tie up on his end due to the town I live in but if I lived in a bigger city like LA. Or Frisco I would have no problem getting the test done on my families lungs for mold.My family has been exposed to long term exposure of mold I wonder if code enforcement is just waiting for the Alzheimer’s to kick in and prevent me from making them actually work because I forgot or if they waited long enough that my lung’s would be so scared from the mold that I wouldn’t be able to make another complaint . I wonder if they watched a video about that???Both Affects of long term exposure


I would like to have the proper test ran on my family and myself to show that there are mold spores in our lungs and if it toxic

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