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Rebecca in Hillsborough NC

I rent a building in Hillsborough NC from Daniel Boone LTD. I had a pipe burst 2 years ago, the cleanup was not done properly and the carpet not removed. I started seeing mold and started getting sick with headaches, nose bleeds, memory loss etc. I had my building tested by an environmental hygienist and she found ten highly toxic molds in my building. I cannot go in without mask or respirator. Landlord notified March 2017. Landlord has totally ignored the situation, so some things are still in my studio, most was thrown out due to contamination. I have been trying to get my landlord to do something. Two expert witness inspected my building and said it was not from the pipe that it was neglect on landlords part for not maintaining the exterior of the building, the building is rotten on the exterior siding. Landlord denies fault. I wrote her a letter, she never responded. What am I suppose to do? I cannot find an attorney to help me without costing me an arm and a leg. She referred me to another building Dance Expressions and it also had black mold all through the building. Something needs to be done so this does not happen to another tenant. I am dealing with mold sickness and its no ones fault? I lost 60,000 worth of content inside my studio and it is no ones fault. I have the mold report if anyone is interested. Daniel Boone is liable for my loss, but they just ignore me hoping I will go away. This is just not fair. She will not answer my calls, nor letters that I write to her. She just ignores it. I stopped paying rent in April 2017 because I cannot use the building for my photography and I certainly cannot have folks in my studio with ten highly toxic molds.

Before the pipes burst two years ago in late February the heat pump gave out. They would not replace it. They put in a small window unit which did not heat my 1200 sf space, so what happens? The pipes froze. All of this is due to having a cheap landlord that does not maintain or repair anything. She told me the building was not worth putting in a new heat pump, so I ended up losing everything

Can someone help me.

Rebecca Edwards


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