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Barbara in San leandro

I live in a apartment, their pretty old apartment complex. I first notice some black mold around the window seals. I tried washing it off but it does not come off, My apartment unit sit right next to where the water heater is located I don’t know how many water heaters are in this room but I do know that it supplies hot water to 12 apartments. I Been living here for 5 yrs. And noticed black spotty mold in the bathroom I reported it to management and our maintenance came in an looked at it an told me it wasn’t mold it was from not enough ventilation when dying the shower or bath. There’s a small fan that goes on when turning on the light in bathroom but it doesn’t do nothing as far as helping ventilation. All that maintenance did was wipe down the walls in bathroom and paint over some of the walls that the black spots would not come off when trying to washing it off. That was about 3 months ago. Now around 6 months ago I went in my closet to get my leather coat that I rarely put on it’s a very expensive coat, when I pull it out I was in shock there was this grayish mold covering my jacket. I started pulling out more jackets an coats that are located near the far end of my closet near the wall. Now there’s no mold on the walls but I found 3 other leather jackets that had that grayish powdery mold on them. I cleaned all the jackets with soap an water an allowed them to dry before placing them back in the closet. I check on the clothes in that area to see if it comes back and it hasn’t yet. I do try to keep some space between the coats this way the get some kind of ventilation. Now I have found more of that grayish powdery mold on my shoes that I have in that same closet. My shoes are stored in there shoe box and there stacked up on top of each other 4 boxes high and about around 10 boxes across. Now I thought it was taming up too much of closet space and I went out an purchased those shoe storage that can hang in the closet. When I started taking my shoes out of there boxes my nice brand new shoes were covered with that gross mold. It basically covered the entire shoe even on the sole of the shoe. These are brand new shoes some maybe I wore 1 time. I was so disgusted I grabbed a clean cloth and some soap an water and began washing off all that grayish powdery mold. I really didn’t think it was mold until I was telling a friend about it an they said it was probably mold and I should report it to our management again. Now I don’t know if it has affected our health but I do have alot of the symptoms that I have read , my husband has had severe asthma for 20 yrs. But he does take his daily medication to prevent him from a attack. But his health has been basically been in his digestion system. He has alot of problems with gas an severe diarrhea. I have muscle spasm joint pain, sleep apea, that I recently was diagnosed with it being very severe. So is this stuff on our clothing and shoes is it a mold and is it toxic to our health and is this mold causing our illness that we have. Please help us we need to know if our health is in jeopardy. Thank you. Sincerely Barb H.


Is this grayish powdery stuff that i have found all over my leather coat and jackets, and all over my brand new shoes that I have stored in their boxes in my closet. I have alot of shoes and I have them stacked up on each other 4 boxes high an around 10 box’s across, my closet is large but it is fully packed has those sliding closet doors. And our apartment has wall to wall carpeting. Has anyone ever found this kind of mold like stuff on their clothing and shoes.

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