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Gloria in San Bernardino Ca

I moved into this apartment May 3, 2018 the minute I opened the door it smelled musty and like animal urine I called the manager on the spot we went round and round due to she lied about having the carpets cleaned 3-days later I had to leave work early cause I felt weird from there I was sick for two weeks, I figured out that I felt better gone from here but when I came back I was sick again I missed a lot of work which led to me being fired I told my 23 year old son that something in this apartment was making me sick and I will never forget the look on his face was like I was crazy but I knew that I was not I started doing some research and everything kept coming up with mold so at 11pm I was running around looking for the mold kits I have done two and the results were unbelievable its now been three month and I have over 100 pictures and 15 videos and have written the management 8 letters of the mold they keep saying they are going to remove the carpet but haven’t and the places that had visual mold they had the maintance guys come paint right over it scene I have withheld my rent and threatened to sue and they just ignore me I cant even stay here I have had to stay off and on in a hotel due to being so sick I don’t know what to do next they said that they would let me break the lease but I had to move out the same day I told them that am not going any where in less they reimburse me for loss of wages emergency room bills etc. and no response and to top it all of one of the molds found in the carpets is penicillium and I’m deadly allergic to penicillin any input is very much appreciated thank you.

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