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Tamberlyn in Dalton, GA

About 6 months ago i started breaking out with bumps like pimples. they were so itchy. i went to the ER. they gave me a shot of steroids and sent me home with 2 scrips and anxity med. Did not help so 3 days later i went to a walk-in clinic. i thought it was scabies but the doctor said it was a allergy reaction. i got mad, she gave me the cream anyways. it did not work. went back to the ER she said i had candida. sent me to a dermatologist, he gave me a oily cream. has not worked so i got some lamisil. guess what, its almost gone. so i got my results back its because of mold thats in my apt im allergic to it, i took care of the mold issue with mold kill. so how long is it gonna be b4 its gone?


How much longer am I gonna suffer?

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