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Terri in Temple

I rented a room in a duplex that is in a small bldg with a doctor office on half, conference room and duplex on other side. I rented from a friend in mid June 2018. No formal lease, rent paid in cash thus far. Owner, Dr and wife arrived 3-4 weeks after I moved in. During visit a mold cleanup company was called in for an estimate. Wife complained to high. Up to this point I was unaware of mold as it is in room adjacent to mine where dr stays 1 night per month. nothing was done, mold is worsening.
I suffer now from stuffed up nose, sore throats, have persistent issues with my eyes/contacts, my anxiety and depression previously diagnosed has increased tremendously, my hair is falling out, I have zero energy, foggy memory, itchy skin, astounding loss of hair, insomnia…What was previously diagnosed has increased astoundingly fast. The sinus issues, eye symptoms, itchy skin, fogginess all new. I’ve been here almost 6 months. What is frightening is the owner is a freaking M.D. who sleeps in the mold room. He practices medicine here 2 days per month with mold, horrific mold in the same building. Due to my lack of a lease, what are my repercussions in this case??? I can begin Dec 10 paying by money order if needed. Obviously I live here!!! My mail comes here, my neighbors see me, my banks have this address on record!!! The owners don’t care. The wife is an alcoholic in her own world whose been here once since June. What do I do??? I’m also concerned about his patients as half the bldg is a medical facility…

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I'm a 49 year old female renting from a high school friend. No formal lease, I pay cash. I moved in mid June 2018. The building I live in is a duplex on half and dr office on other.

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