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Ron in San Gabriel,CA.

by krystle

it all started when I noticed birds flying out of a hole above my head in to the attic area of my apartment that we were renting I asked Management to send someone over and they did a few days later they tried to screen it off with some kind of screen mesh but it was very unsuccessful the birds were continuously going in and out at this time I was getting frustrated because it was making a mess and started to make a smell and in the times that it started raining I noticed that there was a strong smell of developing getting worse and worse every time After sealing it up myself the right way or they could not come in and out I went into the attic and I found this huge Birdsnest right below the pipe I believe it was a rain gutter pipe or something for her it was leaking on this huge birds nest it was about 3‘ x 2‘ and about 6 inches high I don’t know it’s disgusting (fig.1) I told the manager about it and he said he would take care of it so a few months pass by and it starts to rain again and I’m mediately start noticing there is a smell coming again and we’re getting sick in my apartment me and my wife and my son so I went back up into the attic and I seen the Birdsnest was still there he never the owner never removed it like he told me he would and this is been almost a year already so I went to call the health department and the health department told me it’s against their new procedures Do you have anybody climb up a ladder to identify the area and fears of them falling. So I went to the Home Depot to pick up a mold kit that I found out that they sold their to do a test myself and this is what I found and it was growing in my place (fig.2) I mentioned it to the manager at the property who’s name is Tina and she said no sarcastic way of laughing in a way that the building has had a leak for 30 years and I looked at her and said when she said that from me and my wife are you serious and about that I was very upset so I told her to leave. Then I got a hold of the property owner and showed him the mold testing thing I had and he told me get that stuff off my property and I told him this is what’s in my apartment Getting me and my family sick. so I got a hold of the CDC and gentlemen came over to take a look at the property and he found signs of mold and had them right away to get a mold person to come and inspect the property and at this time me and my wife and son were really getting sick I was getting migraines almost every day my wife has a continuous cough my sons eyes are getting red And I was hoping that his asthma wasn’t going to react to it since it’s been dormant for years. When I went up to the attic I could some pictures and video of what I found in their place is a disaster they had an inspector come and made a mold test and at that time before they had the most test done I had to basically argue with the owner to get somebody over here to do a test . Then when he did came out positive he told us that we needed to leave for at least a week so he put it into a hotel and in that time I was doing my own research finding kinds of bad news about this stuff so we had to put some stuff in the storage and it turns out to be that the week turned into two weeks and we have bills that had to be paid in the middle of that. So we were late paying our bills didn’t like that very much wonder if there’s something I can do about that if anybody knows but anyways the neighbors next-door to us have kids want to go and the lady was pregnant the smell of the motor so bad I knew they could smell it and I knew was affecting them too so I asked the owner If they told him about the more they found positive in my unit next-door to them he didn’t respond I asked him if they had a copy of the report he didn’t respond so a couple days went by I saw the neighbor and I asked him hey did you guys happen to know what’s going on and they said no they didn’t know anything and when I was going back to my unit the manager came up to me and says I don’t want you talking to the tenant you may give her a miscarriage that was the final straw right there I was so mad So I started looking into getting an attorney because I noticed that when I was in the attic it was more than four or five different areas of the waters coming in from the rain (fig.4,5)and when I was up there it was a spot where the exhaust fan was supposed to protruding to the roof and was never there manager the owner when I told him he went up there and he stuck a screwdriver up there and popped a hole through the roof and had one of his colleagues down there trying to keep me busy so I wouldn’t notice we was doing pretty ruthless and I asked him when he was done, if it’s going to leak because you can see daylight coming through the damn hole is crazy I went up on the roof that night when He left and put a tarp On top of the roof which did a good job of presenting water coming in and the next Day The owner handed me at the tarp folded nicely I was so mad I told him that I might’ve found the area where it was leaking in the attic if you wanted to watch the video that I made (fig.6)he wouldn’t hear of it two months go by until the next rain it just seem to be that it started up leaking and it started smelling every time it rained it was getting to be a routine thing going through this for about a year and a half now I know what to expect but one thing I didn’t know I didn’t expect What is this thing called retaliation I was in my garage which is separated from the building and when I was in there the power was shut off I didn’t know why they pulled the emergency lever open the door and started walking towards mailbox or I believe the breaker switches are located in their summer standard flipping the switches invoice gave the manager boyfriend is flipping switches I asked him why did you give anybody notice that you were going to be turn the power off I just got locked in my garage and he came at me with this derogatory notice screaming and shouting texting annoyed I’m getting sucked up in the head(Fig.7)I tell you I wasn’t planning to move to this place to get sick let alone getting socked up in the head for reporting which seem to be protecting my own rights and my families. That’s where I’m at right now .


anybody got a good attorney ? (email- [email protected])Thanks for listening

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