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Stephen Webster in Blyth Ontario Canada

My house was hit by a wind storm July 7 2013. The roof was damaged and windows broken . The house was condemned in spring 2014. The heating system was damaged. The top ceiling and the basement is full of black mold. The house is a large home of 150 years old. The insurance company has not paid anything towards the the repairs. I spent over $20,000 in windows and other emergency repairs. The house was insured for $600,000 in 2013. The nine bedroom 4 and a half bathroom home. I was recently told the insurance company wants to delay repairs at least another year. The mold is growing every year. A well known contractor told me the same insurance company has delayed repairs until the house is not worth fixing.226 889 9299


Has anybody else had the same thing happen and what did they do to save the house.? If doing it over again would have been better to to replace the house.

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