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Linda in Ponchatoula

My home is 18 years old here lately i have noticed a smell in master bath master closet which is in master bath my home is made of vinyl siding but when I raise window it reduces smell.
Also I have a window unit in master bedroom i use window unit at night and notice a smell in that room also.
Years ago about 5 i have to replace outer boards that wrap house under bathroom window cause water damage around window.
Other issue is has a flange repair in guest toilet about 10 years ago I have been noticing a slight gassy smell in that bathroom detrimental me it’s just me but I don’t think so and I have noticed that there is water around my sweet treatment plant and my aireater is working so I don’t know if when repair flange lender was installed he actually was beating that flange in. Don’t know if when he was beating in flange that he cracked pipe under slab of in wall plumbers say they something so I’m just finishing of my mind worrying my home owners sent out a claims man and he said since there is no visible damage that unobtrusive a claim
But as I told him my chest hurts when I’m in my home But when I’m out and about i feel fine
Please help need some answers.

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