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Sara in Overland Park

by krystle

My desk at work is in a walk out basement. In the winter I am miserable. For the past month I have had headaches daily, burning eyes, scratchy throat, and strong must smell in my sinuses. I feel fatigue, trouble breathing and occasional difficulties concentrating. I want to know ASAP how to test the air! I want to know exactly what is wrong with it and then present it to my employer. I want a portable product I can use discreetly to test the air ASAP so I can diagnose this issue. I already know I am allergic to ground mold. This is likely why no one else complains except for a smell. My days are full of struggling to feel well and concentrate. Like there is a force making me feel bad or is there is volcanic ash or something in the air. The air feels heavy to breath as if there is chalk in it. My symptoms go away when I leave!

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Asif Khan November 20, 2019 - 3:45 am

Hi Sara,
Really to hear about the difficulties u r facing.
this is a website where can u find all proper info and treatments and testing with right authentic practitioners who have been treating people with mold related illnesses for a long time.
dr shoemaker is the one who has written books and has vast knowledge and treating experience. hope this helps. Plus there is a documentary called ‘MOLDY’ on youtube. please check that for further info.
Hope this helps and all the best


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