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JS Whetzel in Tyler, TX

by krystle

I am a missionary. I had been living in a trailer with leaks in windows and under a window unit air conditioner. I became sick for around a year with a cold and congestion. Then I got someone to start fixing the mold places, because I realized I became well when I left my house. Being a trailer they thought the easiest way was to come inside the house to get it out of the walls. After they bought inside the first mold infested insulation, I started getting symptoms as if I was sun stroke. It would last all day after I was in the house for 30 minutes. I was told by my friends I was now highly allergic to mold. I moved out to an apartment. I am trying to keep some of my things, but cleaning them with recommended mold cleaners as vinegar and bleach. I have dehumidifiers and filters to catch mold spores. My health is affected. I am still fighting the mold spores, When summer comes will be the test.
JS Whetzel


Right now I am fighting a fungus infection. Any ideas how to kill mold in your body? I am looking up information also.

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