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Robin in Merlin Oregon

I used to work where they sold Rv’s, motor home’s, and trailer’s where they sold them. I’m not going to go into it all the way, but this is what happened. My job was cleaning these motor home’s, ext: but when I started saying thing’s like, each one has a different smell, I will not get these mushrooms’s out of these fifth wheel’s, ext: there’s mold on the item’s that came out of these fifth wheel’s ext : do I throw the stuff away ? They said yes, and I said…. Do you want to look at the stuff first ? Sometimes they did, and sometime’s not. And then I started getting sick and was missing work but still didn’t realize that mold was that bad, andvI cleaned mold, bleached mold for the person’s who sold them and was in it up into my nose practically. Anyways they started treating me really bad, like harassing me, following me on the job site, having then two bosse’s instead of one, discriminating against me, it was just really bad, and I still didn’t put it all togather until I got hurt at work and had to take sometime off, I then was talking to a well known person and she said something that just made all of what they’ve to me, and said, to me, come flooding back. So then I started doing some research and that’s when it all hit me, they we’re trying to get rid of me, because of the thing’s I had said, and was cleaning for them. They never cared about how I felt or how sick I got from this mold, but was really freaking about something else, which is the mold. I am still sick, mentally, physically, emotionally, and pray for the people who bought these motor home’s, fifth wheel’s, trailer’s that I covered up the mold for them, not knowingly, but doing my job that they asked me to do. Now it’s very hurtful knowning that these people have these rig’s and will get sick from this mold and lost as to what to do.

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