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Kendall in Palm Desert

Hello to all , its been a very challenging 4 years, On May 19 2014 after i could not stay inside my home i rented for 7 years, i just walk away from it all.
My body was not going to last one more night in there. I say this because if you are living in a mold infested home, weather you rent it or own it. DO NOT STAY THERE, GET OUT. Yes i have thought said and explained myself out of leaving , i wish i would have left sooner. Even if you must go to family or friends or motels, there is nothing that will make you sicker then staying.
Yes , if you have mold and it is being dismissed by your landlord, or your insurance company or your property management co. then yes you have rights , you can get free legal help, you can have it tested , and you can get better, but the very first thing you must do is leave, everything behind. even clothes , toothbrushes , everything. first go bye a home test at home depot. follow directions perfectly, then notify the proper people, by email certified letter, document everything, take pics before you leave, video if you can. Real time labs, EHAP labs , both test for my-toxins. Keep every receipt, even for food. start writing a daily journal so you wont forget, people dates and times are very important if you have to sue, There are only a few Dr. that know of Mold related illness, look up Dr. Shoemakers certified dr.s in your area.
also if you live in ca. uc Irvine is occupational specilist. keep calling and do not give up. the longer you stay the less chance you have to recover. my boyfriend is blind now , he needs blood transfusions, hemoglobin is at a 6 all the time. I have to have surgery my right ear, fungal infections do not go away, antibiotics do not work, starving it out of your body, is the way. a great website is survivingmold. com . Please be good to yourself and your family, Pray, and know this is tough but you can recover. We have mediation tomorrow, i am finally feeling like i stood up for myself, many blessings to all…….

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