Mold on Skin: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Mold Grows on Skin?

Why not? Skin is made of biodegradable material just like couches, carpet, or sheet rock – so why then would skin be immune to mold growth? However, mold growth on skin is considerably more dangerous than dealing with mold contamination on last night’s dinner or on your shower tile.

Causes of Mold on Skin

There can be many causes for mold growth on the skin. What makes dealing with mold on the skin so difficult, is that because of the variety of causes, treatment then varies. There are 3 main causes for mold growth on the skin:

  • 1. Excess moisture from humidity or improper drying procedures.
  • 2. Diet; too much yeast, etc.
  • 3. Skin reaction from infection or other outside source.

Skin Moisture Prevention

Because mold needs moisture, warmth, and fuel to reproduce and grow, the human body is one of the most optimum places. Our body temperatures are high and warm, our skin is made of biodegradable material that mold spores love to attach onto. That leaves moisture! If you aren’t drying immediately and properly, or if the humidity levels are high, and your skin remains moist constantly without being able to dry out, it would only make sense that mold spores would begin to reproduce. In order to prevent mold growth on the skin from causes of moisture, be sure keep the humidity levels atleast in your home, as low and as dry as you possibly can. Be sure after bathing, that all areas especially the warmer places like armpits, are completely dried. A good tip to remember when preventing break out is to use baby powder which keeps the area dry and comfortable.

High Yeast Diets Increase Chances of Mold

Skin is the largest organ in/on the human body. It also tends to be the last place that body shows signs of inner problems. Because the skin is a kind of opening for the body’s waste’s to get out (ie. sweat glands/pores etc) there are often times when an over abundance of certain consumed items can seep out of the skin. Many times, when too much yeast containing products are consumed, there is an over abundance of yeast in the blood which can result in yeast infections, or in an outbreak of mold on the skin.

Treatment for Mold Growth on the Skin

Depending upon what the causes of mold growth are, there are several treatment ideas. Because I am not yet a doctor, I can neither diagnose nor prescribe treatment, therefore the following treatments are merely suggestions from different individuals who have attempted to deal with mold growth on the skin.

External Treatments

There are a number of different things that have been suggested for topical use on mold growth or fungal breakouts on the skin. I’ve put together an easy to read list of ideas for semi fast relief :

  • Dandruff shampoos
  • Athlete’s foot creams
  • Daily vinegar baths or apply packs soaked in vinegar water for 15 minutes.

** Special note : Clothing also, like with poison oak, can hold fungus or mold infection. Be sure to wash clothing in hot water after each wearing and also wash bedding as often as possible. If sheets are not being washed daily in hot water, atleast wear clothing over the infected area to prevent re transmitting the fungus each night at bed time.

  • Daily apply geranium essential oil in an olive oil base.
  • Apply a black walnut tincture daily with cotton.
  • Yeast infection medication cream like Monostat that can be found at most local drug stores.
  • Lavender oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Selsun Blue
  • Tea tree oil
  • Wash everyday with extra strength neem soap and an exfoliant.
  • Scrub with crushed Bayer aspirin. (salicylic acid kills fungus)
  • Apply coptis powder mixed with Pau D’Arco tincture as a paste over the effected area.
  • Clay Poultice – Purchase clay in powder form from a local healthfood store, soak in water in a glass container for 2 hours, then apply directly to the skin or in a poultice.

Advice from a Poster on

Treatment needs to be done for at least 4 weeks daily for it to work completely.1. Make a mix of 1/2 witch hazel, 1/4 distilled water, and 1/4 apple cider vinegar. Use this on and around any areas of skin having issues. Apply with fresh cotton swab or cotton balls. DO NOT DOUBLE DIP!!! Meaning if the cotton swab/ball has touched your skin, you do not dip it into this mixture because it will contaminate it with the fungus. Use morning and night after washing face and allow to dry completely before using any other products. 2. Make a sea salt scrub by filling a small glass jar that has a tight closing lid about 1/2 way with sea salt. Pour olive oil on top and let it penetrate (stir a little if you need to), till all the salt is moistened, but not swimming in oil. Use once or twice a week before bed by taking out a bit with your fingertips and rubbing it onto affected areas. Scrub-a-dub-dub, rinse thoroughly with warm water and apply witch hazel/acv astringent. Once again, don’t double dip. If you need more wash and dry your hands thoroughly before getting more from the jar. Keep in mind that: – using products like makeup can reinfect you repeatedly so you might want to lay off makeup during treatment (if you use any) and replace it afterwards – lotion can spread it around so probably a good idea to not do that during treatment either (if you can I would try Rose’s suggestion of coconut oil as a moisturizer during treatment if you need it, extra virgin) – Also throw away any loofahs or scrubbies (sorry :-(), or anything else you use on your body regularly. – For the 4 weeks you undergo treatment you need to use a new, freshly laundered wash cloth. – Also, add acv or white vinegar to everything you launder in hot water, about a cup per load.

Internal Treatments

In many cases, topical mixtures just will not permanently rid your skin of mold growth. In these cases it is entirely possible that the growth is more than just a “fungal infection on the skin.” Extreme measures may need to be taken.

  • A diet life style change may be the best option.
  • Eliminating completely yeast, sugar, and wheat.
  • Trying a yeast cleanse while stopping from eating any more yeasts.
  • Consuming a Pau D’Arco tincture daily
  • Drinking a glass of cranberry juice a day.

Sum it Up

  • Mold CAN grow on skin
  • 3 causes of mold growth on the skin:

1. Excess moisture from humidity or improper drying procedures. 2. Diet; too much yeast, etc. 3. Skin reaction from infection or other outside source.

  • It is very important to prevent excess moisture on the skin.

** Baby powder may be used to prevent moisture and keep the skin dry.

  • The skin is the largest organ in the body as well as its last filter.
  • There is both external treatments for skin mold growth as well as internal.
  • In many cases, eliminating yeasts from your diet can prevent and treat mold growth on the skin.

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  1. I am so interested in this topic as the strangest thing happened to me a few years ago. I had been having skin reactions daily, specifically to the area around my eyes, then one morning I woke up and in the corners of my eyes there was a brown discoloration that continued to spread for a few days. The discoloration has persisted and I went to several doctors who were no help at all. I finally did a little research of my own and realized that it was mold related. Needless, to say it is the most persistent and somewhat difiguring ailment. Although, I am not constantly ill , I know my immune system has been compromised. I immediately started using Selsun Blue to my face and the itching stopped after a few applications, but the discoloration is still noticeable. It is very depressing, because I get many mean comments from people ranging from ” You need to get some sleep” to ” Have you ever been arrested for doing drugs?”.

  2. have a mold infection from the dirty floor scrub the mold with my hands, the mold gets into the genitals area, face, inside mouth also is geting inside the left eye, use triamcin anti -fungal work good in the genitals, but not for ofthalmic use, need some advise if can use salt water or lemon wash for the eyes,this mold is black color is growing very fast inside the eye, any treatment for this eye infection.

  3. My Mother has been told she has mold on one of her heels. Her doctor told her soak her foot everyday in Dawn dishsoap but this is not helping. Any suggestions that might get rid of this??

  4. We have what I believe is the first stage of what could be mold or possibly mildew. My sink was dripping for some time and underneath was dark – maybe brown or black. We had been spraying the area with bleach and water. Then one day I got mad and decided to clean up the area. I didn’t have gloves so I used plastic bags on my hands and I wrapped my nasal area with a scarf so I wouldn’t breath in anything. However, when I stopped cleaning there was some dirt or residue on my arms. Can I expect I was exposed? If so, how do I prevent any adverse reactions.

  5. About 3 months ago, as IZ wasx washing my left ear out with a washcloth, I felt what I thought was a dirt or wax build up inside the first fold of my outer ear area. Cleaning one finger nail of debris under it, I used it to try and scrape the debris out. When I felt the area with the fleshy part of my left index finger, it felt like I had been successful; but a couple of days later, as I was inspecting the area again, I felt a large bump. I asked my wife to look at it with a magnifying glass. She said it was a very large moldy bump. And she said, evderyday, its bigger. What can I do with a mold spore inside an ear?

  6. alert!!! class A lawsuit on sleepnumber beds due to black mold tell everyone you know that owns this type of bed to check for mold google keywords above.

    this happened to me and had a mold type brake out due to this bed on my lower back for 5 yrs

  7. Mold in his room

  8. I have been living a nightmere. Since last November. I had a skin irritation that I would mess with when nervous and I was working 13 to 15 hours per day. I accumulated more dust than I probably should have at home. I didnt know this could happen. The worst part is my husband thinks I am crazy and making things up and that I am just going nuts. He told me I needed help and that he wanted his wife back.

    The first thing that happened was that I had a bump that would just move around my face and look so gross, then I noticed when I showered the water couldn’t get cold enough. My ankles would swell and sometimes my arms and my stomach would get so bloated my chlothes and shoes didnt fit.

    I was eating a diet of straight sugar and soda or anything I could grab on the run. Now it all makes sense but then i just thought it was stress related. I even act weird. I cannot keep a thought together and my relationshiop is falling apart.

    The problem is now its getting worse. Every food item that is in the house is unsealed beore i unseal it or I will put things in zip lock and I go to grab it and its open. Is that possible? I try to eat when my husband is here so he doesnt baker act me or something but I instantly get diarehha and bloated. Sometimes my ankles get stiff especially if I am cleaning all day which lately is all the time. My son is an ac tech (who also thinks I am nuts) and went up into the handler and said it was covered with mold. He dumped tons of bleach on it and when he turned it back on and for like an hour I felt like my old self. Then right back to my worn out yucky self.

    It’s bad enough for me but the worst part for me is my dog. It looks like every step is so hard and now that i am putting it all together it makes sense. She also started getting bump on her head and like these horseshoe shape marks on her skin. Its breading my heart. My husband explained this one by saying “she is getting old” she is 4 for goodness sake.

    I will only drink water from water bottles but sometimes that doesnt even help. my dog rarely eats because whatever it is gets in her food and water. I cannot take it another day. I swear I am living in hell.

    Oh and my pool area seems like it never dries and i see this white slime like substance in the skimmer and it attaches to the dead bugs . Ugh

    So now I wont swim.

    I am starting to be able to tell where there are by feelingz my dogs skin. The hot areas are the ones that are hurting her and the only thing that help is when i wipe her down with rubbing alcohol on a wash cloth. I do laundry non stop and am curruntly not working so i am in this house all the time with my dog. My husband asked me “why is it just you that this is effecting?: UGH…..I told him “because you work two jobs and one of them is a 24 hour shift 3 times per week and you dont clean do laundry or shower here.

    I dont know what to do and no one believes me and it hurts but right now I need to put my feelings aside and figure something out. You know its bad when your dog gets “stung or whatever it is and she comes to me whining and looking up at me and refuses her treats….then I know its time for a alcohol wipe. Please help us

  9. Michelle, thank you of sharing your experience and I am sorry to hear that things have been so difficult for you. Have you had your home tested for mold recently? Also, have you read Lori Tondini’s book, “Are You Moldy?” I think you may find it very encouraging.

  10. I have a severe problem with mold and it involves my pets. I need help Thank you.

  11. Applying Noxcema on one’s skin , then cocoa and shea butter lotion on top after each bath/shower helps tremendously towards a personal cure.

  12. Thanks for another informative blog. The place else may just I get that kind of information written in such a perfect means? I’ve a challenge that I am just now working on, and I have been on the look out for such information.

  13. presently many companies deals in molding related accessories .is it wrong.

  14. To those having to endure skin issues along with their dogs I do have a few suggestions. First, put your dog on an all meat diet. There are many websites out there that can give you tips on this diet but it is basically feeding them raw (it’s easier but cook it if they won’t eat it) meat. I noticed a huge difference in my dog that had been struggling for two years with this skin condition after only two days of a purely meat diet. Next, use any of the above mentioned natural skin products and start taking a good probiotic that will have writing on the box indicating the gel coating will help the bacteria survive the stomach acid. Eat a high protien diet and you can use coconut oil with other oils in your cooking. I use coconut oil on the hot spots on my great dane and the beautiful part is that it doesn’t burn and any that she licks off can only help her on the inside. I have even cooked some of the dog’s meat in coconut oil to add in the benefits that the oil provides. You are not crazy and you are not gross or unclean and deserved this in any way. All you can do is research and trust your gut when you know something isn’t right. Ignoring the problem to make others comfortable will only make things worse. Trust me, I know from experience. Don’t feel the need to explain anything to those that thought it was in your head, just let the results speak for themselves and wait for them inquire how you solved the problem. Thinking outside the box isn’t for everyone but for YOU make it a daily mantra! Good luck!

  15. Something is landing on my arm every night just as I’m ready to go to sleep, I have not seen anything, and tried everything , even raid spraying. It appears to happen right where my breath lands on my hand, arm. I am ready to move.
    It has been known to be troublesome in this area for Mould. Please help me. I don’t see any in the bathroom , but the admisistry keep reminding us how to prevent. it.

  16. Hi what color is the mold that grows on our skin from being wet. Is it green


  18. Michelle, my life is an exact mirror image of your situation. Reading your post was erie, likelihood written it myself. Has your situation improved? I am still trying to get diagnosed….drs think its mrsa.

  19. About a month ago I fell asleep in my bath tub(which six ppl use, big household). I woke up went to bed and figured I would wash off next day. I did, but by evening time I had developed a rash behind ears(which had been itchy for about 3-4 days before) and many brown moldy spots over my whole body. The spots then multiplied and have been since. My face even has them. All my skin folds have dark moldy looking lines in them. Could this be mold? Also during that time my tongue has turned white(fuzzy film cover). Does that mean it’s internal as well? I have also developed a dry cough(just 3-4 times day, bit definitely new). Does this sound like mold/fungus or something else. I have taken many hot baths for just as long b4 but never had that reaction b4. Very confused.

  20. Greetings from Idaho! I’m bored to death at work so I decided to browse your website on my iphone during lunch break. I love the knowledge you provide here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home.

    I’m shocked at how fast your blog loaded on my cell phone .. I’m
    not even using WIFI, just 3G .. Anyhow, excellent

  21. My problem started Sept 2012. I had a staph infection on my scalp. Then shingles all over my face, both sides, then impetigo. Still having rashes on my face and skin folds. I am single and live with my small dog and want to date but look terrible. My condo is old built in the 40’s and was told one neighbor had mold and the other one scabies. I have been to the dermatologist so many times. Even paid to see one whom didn’t take my ins. for a second opinion. No answers. I have fluid lumps on my scalp that if i push on it a sticky liquid comes out. My nipples are leaking, facial pores stuff coming out. Ears always dirty when I clean with q tips after showers. White gunk in the corners of my eyes and loosing hair. Skin now cracking open on bottom of toes and heels. My dog is only 2 and can’t get on the bed or couch anymore. He is an 11 lb dog. No new food and he has no fleas b/c he’s on comfortis and take him to be groomed regularly. He shakes his hair like he’s trying to shake something off. It looks like a red pin sized scab under my skin on my face and if I pull it off with tweezers it bleeds a lot. I have to use a big mirror to see these spots. I am also getting brown spots near my eyebrows and noticed my skin doesn’t come back out when I use tweezers. It stays dented in. I have also gained a lot of weight in the past 9 months, more then I have ever weighed in my life. Diet hasn’t changed. I have a low immune system too. I started taking a lot of vitamins been to the health food store and tried all kinds of stuff such as worm wood tincture and tea tree oil, coconut oil. Please help! My face is getting scared. I know I have some type of mite or parasite. I feel like something is biting my toes when I sleep or like I have an ingrown toe nail but I don’t. Also, had my dog scratch my shoulder where I had surgery at the beach in a sandbar witch is stagnet water. That was before the staph infection when it first started. There was a hole in the top of my scalp the size of a pencil eraser! I think this is were it all started. I was getting bit by horse flies and masquitos. I am really scared b/c when I went to the hospital they admitted me to the physiatric ward b/c they think I was seeing things I had a headache and was throwing up clear stuff with particles in it and my stools were floating and had some red blood and looked like worms in it too. So, now I am labeled t!!Someone please help me!!

  22. How do I know if I have mold or my dog? I own my condo and can’t afford to pay to get it removed b/c I heard it was expensive and am planning on moving soon too and want to be able to sell it. My neighbor across the hall has it and my building is old, built in the 40’s. What can I do? Getting rashes and bad insomnia too. My dog can’t get on the bed anymore or the couch and he’s only 2! No diet changes for either one of us. I am getting rashes and serious ones such as staph, shingles, impitego and skin harden around fingernails and toes and heals too. Cracking and bleeding. Please help! Tracey

  23. I just left a blog from Tracey about an hour ago about my problems I was having about staph inf, shingles and impetigo and left out a few other symptoms. Not only white gunk in corners of eyes and rashes but brain fog, looks like cashews in stools and eyes twitching and very bad insomnia. Also, pinky toe nail turning black from the moon part up. Skin peeling off around finger nails and on face but white things popping out of pores on face! White things and eyebrows growing fast and brown spots on skin. White on corners of mouth and gums receding so quickly I have to get another bridge, witch I can’t afford. I also was just diagnosed fibromyalgia. I am going crazy trying everything I can. Mostly stuff from health food stores. Creams Dr’s give me help my face sometimes but fingernails have never helped a bit! My skin is cracking on bottoms of toes and heals and bleeding. I have a small dog that is 2 and can’t get on the bed anymore and couch. He’s on comfortis and is groomed regularly and has no fleas and is up to date on all his shots but shakes his fur like trying to shake something off and scratches too. I had rotater cuff surgery and they took out 2 inches too much bone and finally had to have a donors tendon put in and when I was healing he scratched my wound at the beach and I couldn’t swim so sat in sandbars in stagnet water and wound up with a staph infection. A hole in the top of my scalp the size of a pencil eraser and my hair stared coming out then to get shingles witch was on both sides of my face and all over my scalp and finger tips and then impitego then some kinda excema. I have my skin folds bleeding all the time with skin peeling and harding and like tiny pin sized scabs. These red pin sized places under my skin on my face only seen in a zoomed in with magnifing glass can i pull out with tweezers that bleed terribly. And then when I put in toilet they move. You can only see with a magnifing glass. Please help. It’s been going on since Sept 2012 and my face is scarring terribly. Neighbor had scabies and other has mold also, I am on 2 floor, top floor and we had field mice in attic and lots of birds and squirells around too. The woman with scabies didn’t ever have her place sprayed. We have carpeting in out hallways and they have two indoor/outdoor cats too that are not on and kind of flea or meds or had shots or been to vets ever! I am not able to sleep due to such bad insomnia that I ever had! Also,weight gain and on disability from my shoulder so spend a lot of time inside. Also, tought my dog to use a pee pee pad when I had surgery and sometimes he misses the pad with his poop on the carpet and have walked barefoot but he’s had all his shots. I have a low immune system too. Pls help me!!! I think I have some type of mite or parasite. No one believes me but I know my body and know I have something due to continues rashes and hair loss and brown dirty q-tips which never have been before after showering. Floating stools and mucas and other things that don’t look normal. Please help..Tracey

  24. How do I treat those mold on my skin??? Can you tell me a medication or do I have to order it……. can you let me know??? thanks

  25. I am the one who left 3 comments on your page by Tracey. Please help me! I don’t know if I have mold or something else. I am so tired. This has been going on a year now and I don’t have money to move or pay to have mold removed but thought maybe HOA is responsible for it. Is there anyone to do a free inspection or Doctor that can help. Thank you, Tracey Martin

  26. I am Tracey that left 3 comments on this site. Is there someone to do a free inspection or are the HOA responsible for my condo if there is mold in here because my neighbors moved out because of it and want to leave everything in my home and move out but don’t want to take it with me if I can move. Please help!!! I live in High Point, NC 27262

  27. I’ve been reading everyone’s stories and that are so similar to mine. My life changed dramatically after I was treated with a number of different antibiotics for a so called staph infection. That was five years ago. After many doctors and a few years of research, being put in a phychiatric ward (because I was feeling and seeing things…lol), I finally found a doctor who was really willing to help me. I HAD SYSTEMIC CANDIDA. Now, if you look this up on the internet and read the symptoms, I honestly think this might be what your dealing with. It does take some effort and time to get rid of it but within the first week of diet changes, prescription medicines and alternative medicines, I feel like I finally have my life back. I would be willing to help anyone do this. I was lucky to finally get the right diagnosis. You can email me at


  29. Hi I’m going threw hell right now I moved into a apartment and had a flood ever sense then I’ve felt extremely tired and I have two kids who feel the same night it just gets a lot worse we all get irratated and moody we cough and I noticed my hair started falling out I can’t feel the top of my scalp anymore I have black lines on my scalp also and I noticed these little pinkish colored spots on my head in the middle . My hair is Fallon out people think I’m crazy but I know I’m not.i felt something latch on the back of my head wen I walked threw the front door idk watvitvisvi can’t see it but I feel it.its like the color of my skin I guess. We have circles of balding too black dots that won’t go pretty sure I have a small hole on my head way is this ?it tortures my sons nights are the worse for us

  30. Maybe we have fungus or mold?
    Also I I feel a tingle sensation on the top of my head every day. I’m scared to touch my pen scalp this is a nightmare my son is two. And he bites down on his blanket at night and curls up in a ball
    I noticed his head gets bigger at night too especially our four heads .we moved out that spy and still watever this is it followed us.please help I’m a young mother been to the doctors with no help I feel like everyone’s ignoring wat I’m saying .
    I know they see it but the have a excuse for everything I point out to them .oh ur baby is teething that’s why he bites his blankets .no! He’s not he’s in pain and he only does this at night !!i need help please my life is going to hell! He started talking a little but it’s like now he totally stop learning he barely says mama n dada I mean barely . It’s messing my kids up my oldest is four andvhechas fots of rage out if no where andvubho now it’s cuz of watever we cought at the apt

  31. The black dots could be a type of fungus. Have you looked up ring worm? Did you take all of your belongings with you when you moved? That could be why you are still feeling sick. I took most of my things and I know I shouldnt had. Are you sure theres no mold in the new place?

  32. If you are looking for a real solution to Morgellons, visit Their recommendations for supplements (NAC, L Carnosine, Vitamin C, etc) reversed the course of this horrible illness for me. Highly recommend checking it out.

  33. Tracey, your condition sounds exactly like Morgellons. Check out the website I recommended in the post above this one.

  34. TRACEY!
    You have to have demodex mites. Email me for directions to naturally get rid of them. The white things popping out of your pores is the mite itself. There are two types and if you have this, you most likely have both. One lives in your hair follicle. That is the one you see. If you’ve ever tried to pull one of these lil buggers out with tweezers, I’m sure you had to work hard at it and it probably bled afterwards too. The second kind is the one that lives In your sebaceous glands just underneath and connected to your hair follicle. That’s where the female lives and lays her eggs. The reason they get worse at night is because the mites are nocturnal and that’s when they mate. Your hair will fall out, your eyes and ears may itch, you will feel crawling sensations, rashes, tired as heck and the list goes on.
    Just don’t flip out, it’s not as bad as you think. If you want to know directly from me how to get rid of them without having to go to yet another doctor, just email me. Or go to earthclinic dot com and search demodex and use Ted’s remedies. I treated my poor elderly father with Ted’s remedies and everything was almost gone within two weeks. Just remember to keep treating yourself a few weeks more, even if you think their all gone. These mites are strong and hatch new babies every three days. Yet, they only live a couple weeks total. They were in my fathers scalp, facial skin, chest and back, ears, nose, eyelashes and eyebrows. Anyways, I really hope you see this post and I hope this helps someone.
    It’s so sad that our medical doctors won’t take us seriously. So many people suffer because of it.
    Royse Robbins
    Or call me


  36. I own my condo and if I have it tested for mold I would be responsible for treating it and don’t have the money. My ceilings and walls are cracking like crazy they are plaster b/c they are remodeling the condo downstairs from me. I also have a small dog and don’t want him to get sick. Who do I contact to see if I have mold in here? They were build in the 40’s! I want to move so bad. Another staph infection and just finished and didn’t even help any of my skin and it’s really bad on my scalp now. Getting scars and don’t want to tell anyone b/c they wouldn’t want to come over! I am having a colonoscopy tom and dread this. I just want to get better.

  37. Karen,
    Have you looked up DEMODEX MITES?
    I know you emailed me but you can call me if you like. I would like to try and help you if I can. I care deeply for people and animals suffering without any real help from the medical community.

  38. Karen, I have been having scabs all around my finger nails and seeing specks on my clothing and also holes and tears in clothing too. My dog is on comfortis and has never had fleas and he is scratching all the time. My scalp is lumpy and feel fluid under scalp too that is in a different place all the time. I wake up at nite with joints aching so bad! Does this still sound like the demodex mites? You can call me b/c I am going crazy and afraid to tell anyone because I though it was bedbugs but had a few people come out and said, no bedbugs. I went to the dermatologist a year ago when it started and he said to quit picking and it wasn’t anything but didn’t do a skin scraping and the lady downstairs in my condo had scabies and never did any treatment and rode in my car to church and I see things in my car now too. She also cleans the hallways in our complex and uses her vacuum. My neighbor across from me has bedbugs I was told and mold. I am afraid if I have mold I can’t afford to have it removed and if they say I have it I would have to tell if I sell it. I want to move but don’t want to take it with me whatever it is. It started after a surgery and a open wound in the sandbars at the beach and think I got something from the stagnet water. I am sick of being sick and in pain! I gained 60lnd in 1 year and never weighed this much in my life! I don’t want to buy new clothes b/c I think whatever I have will have to be thrown out. What to do??? I’m on disability and barely make it! I have places on my face and my skin is scaring really bad! Thank you for listening. Sorry so long. Thanks again, Tracey

  39. Tracey,
    What’s your phone number? How do I call you?


  40. I in tears, after months and month of hell and endless hours of research, I found this website. I’m not crazy! Reading Karens story, is my life almost to a T. Day in and day out I live a nightmare. It’s to the point I don’t want to be wake up most mornings. I’ve tried everything! Even on my second round of oral lamisil, 500mg a day. Some improvement in my nails but they are not what they use to be 6 months ago. My hands also have the little white things coming out of the skin, and a chalkiness reside falling out of the skin around this blister like thing. Some have a black dot in the middle others have a bright orange one. My right eye switched occasionally now it’s all the time, my left eye started doing the same about 2 months ago and my chin. Yesterday I looked in the mirror and all 3 were going at it like a damn symphony. To make matters worse my 2 year old pug itches like mad. I’m at a loss. Doctor thinks I’m some sort of psychotic junkie. Won’t help won’t look at me just tells his nurse to refill my meds. I hope this can led me to not feel like I want to die any more. Thank you Karen you save my life by sharing your story.

  41. Joann,I wish you the very best in your quest to conquer mold. I found this resource recently. You can use it to find doctors that will treat mold exposure. Please visit the American Academy of Environmental Medicine’s website at and use the search feature on the home page.

  42. i live in a tropical country so humidity is always high,anyways.i have this mold fungus growth on my finger and sole of my feet that ate into my flesh,its like spreading deeper and deeper into my solution was using white vinegar,i soaked the infected part of my skin for about 2mins and it soften up the mold,after that i literally dug it out(dead flesh) including the the black strands of black color was left a hole in my sole and finger,i applied disinfectant and now waiting to see if the mold grows back or if i am cured of it.

  43. Where can you get medical treatment

  44. Can you get medical treatment anywhere?

  45. My Husband and I just started a renovation on our first floor and I have been having allergic reactions. it started with a extremely bad head ache with a fever then itching on my skin, my ears, eyes, face, my head, and my genitalia area. Also, every time I tough the dust I feel needles and itching on my hands. A week after these symptoms began I began getting hives on my stomach and legs that oddly do not itch. I explained to the doctor that I thought it was mold related but she said it was a viral infection, but I know it is a mold issue. The head ache and fever went away after two weeks but the itching and hives continued. I looked up “How to Kill Mold On Skin” on the internet and I found that Hydrogen Peroxide KILLS MOLD WHEN APPLIED FOR 10 MINUTES. Using a cotton ball or gauze soaked with hydrogen peroxide held on the itchy area. Doing this, I now have the itching down to a minimum. It keeps coming back as I clean the dust from everything in my house. I now wear rubber dish washing gloves most of the time and try not to touch my face. I am considering seeing an “Environmental Doctor” I have read that they treat people who work in mold remediation and therefore are trained in mold, fungi and bacterial issues and the affects on the body.
    At first my husband thought I was making it up but then I told him that the itching was so bad that I was seriously considering getting in my car and driving away and not coming back. He has now changed his tune however he is not taking the required precautions when he is working on the area being remodeled. I am going to take his to a mold remediation and consultation company to educate him on the dangers of his actions. I have asked him to stop construction until spring when we can open all of the windows for air circulation.
    We do not have central air conditioning or heat. I have purchased two air purifiers with a HEPA filter and a UV-C light for the mold issue.
    In addition to the air purifiers I am showering and washing my hair both at night and in the morning, changing my bed sheets every two days. I do not wear any article of clothing more than once in between washes. I use hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle to clean everything. I am still dusting continuously with a damp cloth not to kick up any dust in the air.

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