Q & A: 5 Easy Steps to Remove Mold from Furniture

On October 8, 2007, a reader asked the following question:


I have had a chase lounger in storage only now to find mold on the bottom skirt. How do I remove it? Thanks


How to Remove Mold from Furniture

Removing mold from furniture is probably one of the more harder tasks. You can’t exactly place your sofa in the washing machine. Not all furniture is saveable either.

If you suspect mold growth inside your chair or sofa, disposing of the piece entirely would be the safest action.

If mold growth is only in one specific area and does not smell:

  • 1. Rent a HEPA certified vacuum and clean the area affected.
  • 2. Then use a detergent/water mixture (add bleach if detergent does not contain ammonia)
  • 3. Scrub the area well.
  • 4. Rinse the fabric thoroughly.
  • 5. Set the piece in a highly ventilated area where it can dry quickly within the first 24 hours to prevent mold regrowth.

Be sure to watch and make sure the mold does not come back.

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  1. Hello! We got a dresser at a garage sale, only to find white and green mold growing on the underside! I am a mold FREAK so I quickly drenched it in tilex; only to find out that bleach does not kill the roots of mold. So then I sprayed the whole thing with mold killer that I got at the hardware store and now it has been sitting in the sun for days. Do I risk bringing this into my house?!! There are lots of little corners and spots the mold could be hiding. Is there any way to kill all of it? Thank you for your help!

  2. During the winter months in rained into our flat. Now I’ve got a mold and a damp smell in my bedroom cupboard. I washed all the clothes and cleaned the cupboard but within a week the smell was back. What can I do to get rid of it. Christmas is almost here and I need to know what to do before/ I start spring cleaning.

  3. We have had our couches which are the microfiber material, in storage for a year. We just took them out and discovered mold on the outside. Do you have any suggestions on how to clean this? I have no idea if there is mold in the cushions.

  4. can I use biocide mold bomb in my chevy suburban?

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