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Moisture & The Conditions for Mold Growth

What does Mold need to Grow?

Moisture is the number one thing needed in a home for mold to grow. Two main problems of moisture in the home are: water coming into the home, and water vapor. Flooding is the main event that allows a lot of water to intrude at once.

If the foundation of a home is found to be unsound, it is easy when heavy rain comes for the water to seep up from underneath and dampen beneath the carpet or cement in your home.

Without knowing it and having no way to dry out this area of a house mold begins to germinate and spread rapidly throughout the house.

If the roof, walls, windows, and general outward structure are not sealed and protected correctly, mold literally “flows” in and attaches itself to everything moist and “tasty” looking.

How Can I Minimize the Growth of Mold?

Good ventilation is extremely important because the vents are what remove water vapor in the home.

Also make sure all the vents lead to an outside source, otherwise the water vapor is just being moved around to different parts of the house.

Don’t forget to turn on the fans to these vents because thats what removes the vapor.

Mold CAN grow between 32 and 95 degrees, but optimum temperature is between 77 and 86 degrees F.

Where Does Mold Grow in My Home?

The 5 most common places mold can grow in a home are:

Laundry rooms





All of these collect moisture and humidity and stay relatively warm.

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  1. I rented a appt and I got this rash did not know what it was from, I have had a triple bypass, and the landlord painted over the mold my dog is sick and me as well and when I told him about it he gave me a 30 days to get out and I am disabled and he got his rent and said that it’s my fault for the mold because I just ran a fan and kept the windows closed, his roof leaks in kitchen how do I know the damage has been done to. My heart.

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