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How Vapor Steam Cleaning Helps People with Allergies to Dust Mites and Molds

For most people, dust mites, mold and other household pollutants are mere nuisances, but the problem is much more serious for others. A number of individuals suffer from allergies to dust mites and mold. For those sufferers, even a low level of pollutants in the indoor air could pose a serious health risk. Sensitive individuals may experience respiratory irritation and even trouble breathing when presented with dust mites and mold infestations.
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Fighting Mold with Cinnamon Essential Oil

Mold is everywhere, and toxic molds often take root within homes and other buildings. Water leaks and damp environments fuel the fugal growth and the proliferation of mold spores in the environment. Once mold is discovered, a safe and effective treatment is necessary to prevent further damage to building structure and the health of those who are exposed. One common cleaning method, chlorine bleach, is neither a safe nor an effective solution. However, essential oils are becoming known as a harmless and potent method to fight molds.
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Fighting Mold Naturally with Essential Oils

It doesn’t take long for mold to begin growing when moisture lingers within the home. It is important to always address water leaks and water condensation quickly. However, even with the most thorough attention, mold growth can still commence and cause damage to your home and health. I live in the wet Pacific Northwest, and even though I am constantly on guard against mold because of my past experiences and this blog, it is still often a battle to keep it from taking root, especially during the damp winters.
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How to Deal with White Water Mold

White water mold (WWM) is an organically occurring fungus, which has a white mucous or tissue paper-like substance.It forms a heavy, protective coating, providing the organism with an uncommonly high level of protection that is very resilient against both halogen-based (chlorine, bromine) and non-halogen sanitizers and germicides, and it can White water re-contaminate long after it was destroyed.
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