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6 Tips To Keep Mold Allergies At Bay While Traveling

by BrianReeves
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You’ve been chosen to go on a business tour to Mexico City, but you’re the least bit thrilled about it. It’s not quite the stress about the big project that’s giving you sleepless nights; it’s really the concern about your allergic asthma getting triggered. While you’ve done all in your capacity to prevent a mold attack at your home, in a foreign land, there’s very little in your control. So what’s your best solution? Saying no to the opportunity that your colleagues would kill for? Definitely not! These 6 simple tips will help you bid your mold allergies goodbye while traveling:


Take The Doctor’s Advice –You mostly turn to your doctor only when your body’s on the verge of giving up. But, while traveling with a risk of an allergy, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Visit your doctor for tips before your head out on an international journey. This will help you be more prepared to face all possible health concerns that may arise through the course of your trip. It’s also a good idea to ask your doctor if he has any tie-ups with hospitals or physicians in your destination. This will help you get access to a trusted healthcare provider in case of any emergency.

Check The Forecast For Your Destination – The weather, the pollution, the toxic molds and pollen forecasts are a few things you must check up on before your trip. Your exposure to these allergens may vary depending upon how much time you will be spending outdoors. Some destinations have more or different pollens or molds that may or may not trigger a mold allergy. Travelers to America can find out more about the pollen and mold spore levels of US cities here.

Keep Your Anti-Allergy Gear Handy – Much like your over-organized grandmother, make sure to stock up on the anti-allergic essentials like mold medications, corticosteroid inhaler, dust masks, gloves, mold and spore-proof pillowcases and cleansing wipes. You surely wouldn’t want to be held in sick on the day of your big presentation.

Check Up On The Accommodation – The best way to reduce your risk of contracting a mold allergy is to ensure that the accommodation provided to you is as dust and mold resistant as possible. Request your hotel or lodge to provide you an allergy-proof room if possible. Opt for a room away from the indoor pool as those rooms tend to have higher mold counts. Ensure that the air conditioners in the room have HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate) filters as these filters help trap mold spores before they can reach you.

Keep Your Stuff Stored In Your Suitcase Throughout The Trip – Did you know that the best places for toxic black molds to thrive in are dark, damp corners? Think twice before you begin to hang your clothes in a hotel closet. Hotel cupboards and drawers can be the gateway to a serious mold spore allergy. It’s best to let your belongings remain in your suitcase during your trip.

Sleep With Windows Shut – As much as you may enjoy the feel of the pleasant night breeze, avoid sleeping with your windows open as it can trigger allergies caused by airborne mold spores. According to an article by Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, the count of mold spores may vary depending on the weather but it is always the highest at night. So, always keep those windows shut while you get some shut-eye.


In addition to following these tips, ensure that your hotel staff and people traveling with you are aware of your health concern so they can extend required support in case of a crisis. Happy landing!

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