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Clearing Things Up: Mold In Skincare Products

by jlowy
moldy skincare products

It shouldn’t happen. It really shouldn’t happen. A blemish in the product that’s supposed to prevent blemishes? This week we’re talking all about mold and what happens when it makes itself at home in your favorite skincare products.

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Despite their use of preservatives, mold can still pop up in things like cleansers and moisturizers – albeit at a much slower pace than it would in a loaf of bread. Expiry dates exist for a reason and must not be ignored, not to mention the fact that – according to Texas-based dermatologist, Ted Lain – even preservatives will not always be 100% effective for warding off fungus. Coupled with an increasing emphasis on all things natural, our reliance on chemical preservatives may be misguided.

It’s vital to know the tell-tale signs, therefore – unless you want the very thing that’s supposed to stop break-outs to inadvertently cause them.

Machiavellian Mold

“Moisture, warmth and food are all necessary for mold to grow”, Florida-based dermatologist, Roberta Del Campo says, meaning where you store your skincare products is crucial to extending its shelf life.

Yet – unlike its non-cosmetic peers – mold in skincare products can be even more Machiavellian as it’s guilty of the ultimate treachery – camouflaging itself into the same color as your product – not to mention the added difficulty of spotting any unwanted visitors in opaque bottles and tubes.

And what can you expect to happen if you slather a contaminated product on your skin? “For those with a normal immune system and skin that is not inflamed or irritated, there is little risk that mold will cause much of an issue”, Ted told Allure magazine. “For those with a compromised immune system or if the barrier function of skin is limited, the mold could cause an infection.” You should also expect the possibility of a rash, eczema, hives or – when used on the face – “itchy or swollen eyes”, according to Roberta, whilst makeup to the stars, Nikki Fontaine, is reported to have warned against clogged pores and breakouts.

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It’s great that beauty is in the eye of the beholder … as long as that beholder is not mold!



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