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Flood Causing Mold in Houston Texas

by krystle
mold in houston texas

A Future of Mold

The aftermath of any flooding or water damage catastrophe can mean harmful mold consequences for years to come. The scale of the flooding in Houston Texas reveals the grim reality of a huge and destructive mold issue on the horizon as citizens work towards moving back to their homes and try to return to life after hurricane Harvey.

A Serious Health Risk

Mold is not only an issue to the safety and longevity of the homes and buildings after flooding, but also poses a huge health threat to the people living in Houston and other flooded areas. It is very difficult to remove mold once it has begun, and this issue will be a massive threat to people wanting to move back into their damp and flooded homes.

Katrina and Hurricane Sandy have both revealed the long consequences of mold exposure and mold damage following the water damage that comes with these natural disasters. First it is the flood that makes homes uninhabitable, but then it is the mold that comes next that will be much more pervasive. Unfortunately, many will try to live with the mold issues, and compromise their health as a result. Guidelines from the World Health Organization show that mold from exposure to damp buildings presents a variety of health concerns, many of which are quite serious; especially respiratory symptoms, allergies, and asthma.

What Can Be Done?

It is important to recognize that mold will become an issue after flooding, and to protect yourself and others from experiencing long-term health consequences from living and working in buildings with toxic mold. Below is a short list of some ways you can help combat mold in the aftermath of flooding and hurricanes:

  • Dry everything completely. Buy a dehumidifier.
  • Contact your landlord or insurance about mold damage. Research the laws that may help protect you from living in an unhealthy environment.
  • Call a professional mold remediator to deal with mold. Don’t try to handle a large mold issue yourself, or with bleach.
  • Warn others to beware of mold in their homes and workplaces. Create awareness about the health consequences of mold exposure. Share this article to help spread the word.



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