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Hire a Professional Remediation Team for Safe Mold Removal

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The Dangers of Mold Spores


Having mold circulating in the air of a home can lead to multiple health problems, including allergic symptoms such as itchy skin, watery eyes and chronic coughing. There are many species of mold spores living outside that enter homes through venting systems such as air conditioning, in addition to doorways and windows. There are types of mold with mycotoxins that can weaken an individual’s immune system. Mold spores settle on everything in a building, including carpeting, walls and bedding. While homeowners may find it easy to clean these surfaces thoroughly, it is more difficult to clean mold from ductwork and vents.

The Danger of High Humidity

Air conditioner installation in a home is a necessity today in order to deal with high temperature and humidity levels. However, the vents and ductwork are often a breeding area for mold spores because the spaces are difficult to access to clean properly. To destroy mold completely, all hidden spaces in a building must receive treatment with the appropriate chemical agents. In many cases, homeowners destroy visible mold on surfaces with household bleach. While this is effective for small amounts of mold growing in a home, it does not get rid of mold spores lurking in ductwork. Many scientists believe that using household cleaners actually makes mold species more resistant to chemicals.

Determining the Species of Mold

Hiring a professional mold remediation team to clean air conditioning vents and ductwork in a home is the best way to protect the health of building occupants. Technicians trained in mold assessment have testing procedures to determine the type of mold present and its location. Keeping track of the samples in the home to determine the location of mold is vital to plan an appropriate course of action. Samples are collected to check air quality in different areas of a building along with obtaining samples from surfaces such as floors and insulation. An accurate analysis of the samples helps the technicians to understand the species of mold requiring removal.

Hire Professionals to Get Rid of Mold

Homeowners must contact air conditioner installation experts to dismantle and sanitize the device to ensure mold is not inside its systems to infect a building again with spores. Ventilation in a building is important in order to help remove and destroy mold spores. Technicians commonly install additional fans near windows and doors to dry hidden areas in a building. Constant air circulation reduces humidity levels, creating a poor environment for mold growth. Professional air conditioning technicians have access to environmentally approved commercial mold cleansers designed to safely destroy spores without adding fumes to a home.


Change Filters Frequently to Prevent Mold

A homeowner should not attempt to dismantle a climate control device due to the dangers of electrical wiring. An air conditioner installation expert understands how to clean the tiniest spaces inside the unit while making sure it is reassembled correctly to keep a home cool. Failure to clean cooling equipment properly can actually lead to additional mold problems in a home as condensation and humidity occurs inside the device. To avoid the possibility of mold recurring in a home, it is important to frequently change the filters in HVAC appliances several times a year.

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