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How to Prevent and Remove Tent Mold and Mildew

by BrianReeves
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Tents are often the perfect breeding material for mold. If a tent is stored after use without fully airing out to dry, even a small amount of moisture buildup from dew or rain creates the perfect environment for mildew or mold growth. Additionally, any dirt that becomes distributed on the tent surface will aid this fungal growth. There are some basic steps you can follow to avoid or remedy a moldy tent.

Before Storing Your Tent

  1. Shake off any debris and dirt. Sponge any soiled areas with water.
  2. Thoroughly air out your tent. If you had to pack your tent up before the sun had time to dry it out, make sure to set it back up in a backyard or a dry space until all the moisture has evaporated.
  3. Store your tent in cool, dry spot where it will not be exposed to humidity. Avoid sealing the tent in a confined place where it may become too airtight.

How to Remedy a Moldy Tent

  1. After you have already cleaned your tent with a sponge and water, apply an enzyme cleaner with the sponge and allow to dry completely.
  2. If you still have mold or mildew on your tent you can apply a mixture of 1 cup of salt, 1 cup lemon juice (concentrated) and a gallon of hot water. Rub this solution on and allow to dry in the sun.

Always proceed with cation and care when cleaning your tent to avoid further harm to the coating. If the damage is too severe, you may want to reseal your tent.



Krystle Reeves assists in managing MoldBlogger.com. She has experienced firsthand some of the physical distress mold can cause and hopes to help others find solutions and information for mold-related issues.

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home air filter September 16, 2014 - 9:48 pm

Tents are made from fabrics and hence it is not easy to remove mould from them as your mould remover can damage the fabric. Simply use hot and soapy water to remove them and avoid using bleach.


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