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Mold, Mildew and More: Keeping Your Car Mold-Free

by BrianReeves
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When people think of mold, most of the time their thoughts turn to homes or other buildings. Older homes that are not well-maintained, basements that have flooded as well as buildings that have been through natural disasters all are at risk of having mold. Unfortunately, mold can also be found in many automobiles that are not properly sealed or have had water in them from flooding. Yet, armed with just a few basic items, it’s quite possible to make sure your car does not become one of the many moldy machines on the road.


It Starts with Stains

All mold starts as a stain on fabric or other surfaces, so always be on the lookout. Mold tends to form most often on fabric areas such as seats and door panels, so be especially careful of these areas. One of the best ways to prevent mold is to make sure the weather stripping is properly maintained. A good rule of thumb is to conduct an inspection each time you wash your vehicle. If there are any areas where water is leaking into the interior, the windows will begin to fog up and condensation will form on the glass, letting you know you’ve got a problem. Visiting an auto detailing shop can get this problem fixed quickly, often at a reasonable price.

Use Very Little Water

When cleaning the inside of your vehicle, use as little water as possible. Mix a small bowl of water and dish detergent together until it forms a large amount of suds on top, then scoop off the suds and place them in another bowl. By taking a cleaning cloth and gently rubbing the suds on fabric areas, you’ve cleaned while using practically no water, keeping the area very dry and at little risk of having mold.

It’s All About the Rice

A small bag of rice can work wonders to prevent mold. By placing an open sandwich bag that’s full of rice inside a door panel or other spot where it won’t spill, you can prevent mold from forming inside your motor vehicle. Since rice absorbs moisture, it will help prevent mold. Once or twice a year, discard the old rice and replace it with a fresh bag to stay on top of the situation.

Vacuum with Baking Soda


Baking soda is a great item to help prevent moisture, so sprinkling some on the seats and carpet inside your car will help keep mold at bay. After sprinkling the baking soda, let it work its magic for two hours and then vacuum it up. If you live in an area that’s humid, this is a great trick to use throughout the year.

By spending two or three dollars on some supplies, you can make sure your motor vehicle will pass the mold inspection year-round. A few minutes of preventive measures now and then will allow you to have a vehicle that not only looks good inside and out, but is also free of mold and mildew.

To learn more about taking care of your car, inside and out, go to the Pro View Vehicle Inspections website. They can help you take care of your car, as well as make sure it passes inspections.

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MEV September 21, 2015 - 2:19 pm

Thanks so much. Please update this article with more suggestions for all of us!

Ginny June 29, 2018 - 10:16 am

I’ve already got mold in my car and it’s only 2 years old. We have leather seats. anymore suggestions. themold is showing up on ac vents


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