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Potential Signs of Mold Contamination

Check Your Home for Mold – What Am I Looking For?

Here are a few Mold signs that you may need to check your house for. It doesn’t matter if your house is brand new, or a hundred years old, you can never be too sure!

Look For :

  • Stained ceiling tiles (you may be very surprised as to what may be growing underneath) or walls.
  • Black, brown, orange, pink, or green speckled walls or around any plumbing grout or tile.
  • Musty, earthy, or urine scented odor.
  • Leaky roof or flashing installed improperly.
  • Flood or hurricane damage.
  • Leaky window or door.

Here are a few from the list of Contributing factors of mold :

Look For :

    • Leaky door or unseated windows that have broken seals.
    • Plumbing leak/inferior plumbing job.

* Lumber is one of the worst problems. That is why the United States is the most insidious in the world on record for mold problems!

For the rest of these helpful tips visit Signs of Mold

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2 thoughts to “Potential Signs of Mold Contamination”

  1. Two kittens we adopted brought the ringworm fungus into our home. In our efforts to clear our home and the cats of this infection, we have done cultures of the kittens and of the two rooms they inhabited the most. Our Veterinarian supplied the culture media- like tiny petrie dishes only of disposable plastic. In addition to growing the ringworm fungus, several other colors of molds grew. Our cleaning efforts got rid of the ringworm, according to later cultures, but we still have these other growths. The specimens were collected with a little strip from an unused, clean swiffer duster as recommended by the vet’s protocol. I washed my hands well and dried them on a clean towel before and in between each specimen collection. I wiped the strip of the duster all over the kittens (each separately) and placed the strip on the culture medium and sealed it per the manufacture’s directions. Using the same technique I wiped the strip all over the carpet, pillows, cloth chairs, tables, etc. in the rooms. All samples still show these other growths. Does this mean I have a mold problem? What do I do about this.

  2. I had a flood in my basement recently. My landlord
    used a shop vac the first night to remove water.
    And removed carpet and underlay two days later
    because it was still wet. It didn’t smell like any
    mold after we removed it. And I sprayed cement
    floor with moldex product. And have a dehumidifier in room now running. And humidity
    level is around 45-50%. And it doesn’t smell at all
    in room. Should it be okay. Or should I get it
    checked out further by a professional?

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