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Preventing Mold from Occurring in Your Home

by BrianReeves
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When looking to prevent mold in your home it is important to protect your home from a number of problems that might cause mold to arise. This scourges that can bring on mold include humidity levels, leaky roofs, improperly installed sump pumps, and water damage problems. These are common problems in many home across the nation including homes in the state of Maryland. With Maryland being at a low sea level mold is a consistent problem. The first part that needs to be understood is stopping the mold from occurring from in the home is controlling the humidity level.

Humidity levels are important in controlling mold by keeping them consistently low. This is critical in areas that are prone to higher moisture levels than areas of the home. This would be the basement and bathroom areas. The moisture levels in these areas are generally higher because of the moisture that is trapped in the ground and in the bathroom being around water. One way of controlling the moisture level in the basement area is by installing a permanent dehumidifier in that area of the home. Another way of preventing the mold in a bathroom area is by having a proper venting system in place to alleviate the moisture problems in this bathroom area. However, there could be potential moisture problems could be the result of an improperly installed sump pump.


Sump pump failures such as the lack of installing of them could result in the creation of mold in the home. The moisture level in the basement of the home can rise dramatically if the sump pump is not installed because of the possibility underground water sources that could be problematic for homeowners. Therefore it is advisable to make sure that the pump is installed properly in the home in order to protect the home from potential mold issues. This could arise from the potential water damage in the property itself.

Water damage if it is not handled anywhere properly including in the state of Maryland can be seen as a possible cause of mold. The main problem is if the water damage is not done properly by a certified restoration company it can result in mold. When looking to a hire a certified water damage restoration company it is important to know whether or not if it is a professional service. Otherwise there is potential for mold to be created if all of the wood material is not removed or dried correctly. However, if this all fails a person should call a certified mold remediation firm.

A certified mold remediation firm in the Baltimore area is SI Restoration. Their trained technicians and crews have collectively over 25 years’ worth of experience handling mold removal in the Baltimore area your job will be well taken care of. It is advisable to seek testing before you hire certified mold remediation firm in order confirm whether it is or not mold. All of this is necessary when trying to prevent mold from growing in your home.


Article by Matthew Bostock

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