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The Best Mold-Proof Materials for Bathroom

by BrianReeves
get rid of bathroom molds

Fighting mold


Mold and other similar growths in a bathroom can be quite complicated to get rid of once they get well established. However, it is better to prevent mold from forming. It is best to first inspect what kind of materials are great to be used in a bathroom and in order to prevent mold build up.

Moreover, it is also important that you keep a regular regime of cleaning and maintenance so that mold cannot be formed. And in most cases it is best to call in a plumber so that you can get a professional opinion on what is good and what is bad for your bathroom.

The classical tiles

Perhaps the most common way to decorate your bathroom and to make it mold-proof is to use tiles. There is a large variety from which you can choose from, and you can create all kinds of awesome looks. Furthermore, tiles are waterproof and stain-resistant, making it an excellent choice for bathrooms. Plus, it is easy to clean them.

However, it is hard to install them, even if you are a seasoned veteran in tile laying. It is best to have professional come and help you with tiles. Not only can they be difficult to place, but they are often expensive.

The budget-friendly vinyl

Vinyl is a great choice if you are on a tight budget. It is also easy to clean and stain-resistant. And it is easy to install sheet vinyl, but on the downside it is also easy to get water in between vinyl sheets.

Once again it is better to opt for professional help if you are not sure how to properly install vinyl sheets. Vinyl is great for places where you need good grip in order to avoid slips and falls in the bathroom.


As silly as it may sound, cork, or rather bark tiles, is a highly renewable resource, and it is great not just for the environment, but also for your wallet. It has similar properties like the tiles, waterproof and mold-proof. When installing cork tiles, it is best to check for cracks and damages regularly. Also, you will need to reseal the floor every few years to avoid water going underneath it.


Engineered bamboo is a great choice as an environmentally friendly resource, and it is also cheaper than most floors that you can get. Additionally, bamboo floors are great for wet conditions, and they are mold-proof. Also, if a part of the flooring is damaged, it is extremely easy to replace it.



A choice which will make any bathroom look timeless and classy. Even though it can be pricy, hardwood is still very popular and practical in bathrooms. Laminated hardwood finishes will also give you a longer lasting protection, as it will make the wood more resistant to stains.

Hardwood is great against mold, but you will have to take care of it properly so that it does not get damaged over time. 


Author:Sophie Andersen is a blogger based in Sydney. She’s currently working with Sydney Plumbers on project concerning new age bathrooms. Sophie is trying to educate people about eco-friendly way of renovation. Follow Sophie on Twitter.


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Buff & Coat January 23, 2021 - 2:18 am

Mold in a bathroom can be quite complicated to get rid of.This post help in preventing mold from forming by sharing with us some amazing ideas – hardwood flooring is great against mold and will give you a longer lasting protection, as it will make the wood more resistant to stains,this was something new to me.
Keep sharing such creative ideas in future.


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