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11 Ways to Know You Have the Wrong Mold Remediator

by Joslyn

Mold Remediators Gone Wrong


Are you having trouble choosing a mold remediator for your home? Doctors James Schaller and Gary Rosen have put together in their book “Mold Illness & Mold Remediation Made Simple,” a list of humerous ways to know if you have a “bad” mold remediator :

You Know You Have the Wrong Remediator When..

  • He laughs when you ask if he has a contractor’s license or a mold remediator certification or license.
  • You ask if he has at least one million dollars in contruction or mold insurance, and he falls on the ground convulsing with laughter. Take him out in a wheel barrow and dump the clown =).
  • He has no clue or concern about fixing the source of the moisure. He does not realize ignoring the source of the moisture problem will mean the mold can always come back.
  • He has no plan to put up temporary walls with plastic wall sheeting to prevent mold dust and mold toxins from going all over your home.
  • The remediator wears no protective mask or gloves.
  • He has no plan to channel moldy dust from the work area outside through a window or external door.
  • The remediator plans to carry unsealed material through your home.
  • You ask him who will do the “post remediation mold testing” and he looks at you like you have 10 heads.
  • He does not use a HEPA vacuum to clean up after himself.
  • He does not seal off your air conditioning ducts to prevent mold spores and dust from going all over your home during the remediation work.
  • He is foggy from his past jobs. He does not know how to contain mold dust, since he is shoing signs of mold exposure. So do not expect him to know how to prevent the release of moldy dust throughout your home.

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Source: Schaller, James and Rosen, Gary. “Mold Illness & Mold Remediation Made Simple.” 75.

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Mold Buster November 16, 2009 - 9:32 pm

Mold Remediation is so super important. A moldy ceiling can cause health problems, and thats never good!


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