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Impact of Mold on Thoughts, Emotion, & Personality

by Joslyn
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How Mold Affects the Body


We know that mold affects health. Mold exposure can cause sickness, allergy symptoms, blurred vision, nausea, etc etc. But did you know, that by being exposed to mold, your emotional and cognitive sides are also affected? According to James Schaller, M.D., CMR and Gary Rosen, PhD, CIE, in the book Mold Illness and Mold Remediation Made Simple , Mold chemicals can affect cognition, emotions, and personality! They’ve made a list of all the different affects mold can have:

Mold Affects Emotions, Cognition, & Personality

  • mood swings
  • mania
  • irritability
  • impulsivity
  • increased risk taking
  • decreased speech smoothness
  • poor stress coping
  • increased verbal fighting
  • lateness
  • poor empathy
  • poor boundary awareness
  • immaturity
  • spacey
  • rigidity
  • poor insight
  • decreased productivity
  • unable to process trauma or pain
  • increased narcissism
  • forgetfulness
  • poorly or obsessively organized
  • dead creativity
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • decreased attention
  • eccentric personality
  • delay in child develpment
  • increased drug or alcohol consumption

Mold Illness

Of course mold is not the only cause of these mental issues, but it can be a direct source as well as worsen the prognosis further.

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Joslyn from the MoldBlogger Team

Source: Schaller, James and Rosen, Gary. “Mold Illness and Mold Remediation Made Simple.” 30.

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Veronica March 26, 2009 - 6:14 pm

Other than not being able to breathe, which no one, not even emergency, cared about, panic attacks and anxiety were my first symptoms of the huge fungal infection growing in my chest, courtesy of the moldy Cedar Hills Rec Center in Beaverton, Oregon. When my nephew started having panic attacks after moving into a new duplex, I said mold. It was in the bathroom walls, and they got out of there before he got really sick. Sadly, due to lousy laws, the lousy landlord painted over it and rented to the next victim. And the rec center is still moldy and still infecting people. Nice, huh?

dwayne daniels July 25, 2009 - 7:29 pm

for years ive had this bathroom mold problem and I told my landlord about it and all they did was spray and wipe it off and paint over it but it just keep coming back with a worse and worse oder and now im feeling light headed, depressed, i forget things, i feel real spaced out and im wondering if this is directly to the mold situation. Im not feeling good and my eyes are watery, i now have sinus and trouble breathing and when i went to my doctor she told me the reason i have allergies is because of mold and roaches in my apartment. What can I do to get better and not be sick anymore and get out of this living hell ?
=====yours truely Dwayne Daniels

dwayne daniels July 25, 2009 - 7:33 pm

i find myself more irritated and emotionally drain, fatigue, depressed, spaced out and out of control because of this mold in my bathroom that my landlord just wipes down and paints over. this has been going on for years. what can i do? so one help me please , im dying ! and no one cares !!!!!
===dwayne daniels

marlene March 21, 2010 - 6:44 am

as recent as March 5, i had a miscarriage while at work. I recently had a skin test that showed i am allergic to several molds. at least three of these are the same molds that were confirmed at my workplace. could my exposre for three years have caused my miscarriage? Oh, by the way, I was the second person that week to have had a miscarriage at my work.

Alexis June 2, 2010 - 5:01 pm

Marlene- Mold can indeed cause miscarriages, and stillbirths and infertility and endometriosis and fibroids and all sorts of hormonal disruption. Since mold in your workplace has been identified, you actually have recourse by contacting OSHA. And please do, as your health and the health of your co-workers may be in danger. Mold is not something to sneeze at (yes folks, that’s a joke. Mold can make you sneeze, but it can also cause cancer and other serious diseases.)

Dwayne, honey, I hope you’re still hanging in there. I hope that you MOVED! If nothing else, keep the windows open as much as you can for ventilation.And see if there are any agencies, state, city, county, that can help you. I assume you cannot afford to move or you would have, but you should be able to report the landlord for this sub-standard and hazardous living situation.Contact the media, if nothing else. Sometimes bad publicity is the only way bad people will take the right action. Find a doctor who understands the dangers of mold (I know, not easy; it took me two years, and yes, a lot of money and stress.) Mold exposure can be treated,and let me tell you, it is so worth it to feel like myself again. Keep fighting for yourself- you deserve it!

Mike August 11, 2011 - 12:38 am

I recently found black mold in my Sleep Number Bed, but I got the bed after my symptoms started. With a blacklight, I found bright spots all over the seams and corners of my walls and ceiling, many are round spots, they definitely appear to be mold. I get burning itchy eyes here and there, but rarely watery, never have a sore throat or runny nose, but I have been sneezing a lot, having itchy skin, and have been going to the doctor constantly for every emotional issue imaginable, also headaches, extreme fatigue, brain fog, etc. No coughing or chest pain either. Breathing seems normal. Is this atypical to be lacking the most common symptoms?

Angela October 9, 2011 - 6:31 am

Wanted to thank everyone for there input into the affect mold has had on them. I lived in a house with mold in it for about 12 months and I suffered terribly! I was physically sick all the time, but more disturbing was the emotional affect it had on me. I developed severe depression, insomnia, fatigue I was an emotional wreck. My partner and I were arguing all the time, it was just horrible. I didn’t know what the cause of this severe stress was for quite some time. Doctors didn’t make the connection. I couldn’t think clearly to make the connection. I knew deep down that there was something wrong with the house and the trauma I was going through wasn’t because therre was something wrong with me per se. Though because all my symptoms were associated with mental health issues I was being blamed for being the cause of stress, depression etc by Dr’s, psychiatrists, even my partner and his family!! I just wasnt being listened to and just ‘gave up’, feeling totally disempowered. It was such a terrible time for me. I am happy to say I somehow found the inner strength to believe in myself and know that it wasn’t me ‘going mad’ but the mold in the house and I moved a couple of months ago. I am now unbelievably happy and back to my old self. I am sleeping well, I wake up happy and motivated, I am walking everyday, I have started a degree at university and am working again! I am laughing and smiling all the time. My partner, his family and the Doctors are somewhat bewildered by my dramatic change and now have no other option but to accept what I had been telling them for some time. The mold was killing me! If you are in the same situation I beg you to trust yourself and know that it is the mold that is affecting you so badly and I beg you to get out of the house at all costs! You have to move immediately. I know it’s hard because there is this heaviness that sits over you it feels like you are trapped, you have to get the strength to do this one thing and move home! Your health and wellbeing is the most important thing.

victoria March 7, 2012 - 3:16 pm

Hello my name is Victoria and we just found a big problem of black mold and other varities in the wall sof our home, our house was flooded before we bought it and the owners did not clean it up properly, just painted over it. We, me, my husband and 4 small boys have been having health issues since moving in to our home in 2009, for me and my two year old we have had the worst of it since we are here 24/7. I need treatment for my family, I live in Lebanon oregon

Joe March 11, 2012 - 2:23 pm

How much mold, though? By reading this post, one would believe inhaling a little household mold is the equivalent of getting a lobotomy… Are such drastic cognitive effects linked to serious cases of mold contamination, such as living in a mold infested home? Or is breathing a little mold, on one or two occasions (caused by, say, a minor apartment radiator leak) the cause of such debilitating mental effects?

Liz April 18, 2013 - 12:20 am

*jaw drops* O_O And it’s off to the doctor I go! I think only three of the things on the list don’t fit what I’ve had for years, and I found my way here because I just discovered mold in the house.

Jenna May 23, 2013 - 6:56 pm

I was stuck in a moldy apartment for a year and I think it is the cause of my problems.. Does it go away once you more or will it permanently affect you?

Cecelia November 22, 2013 - 7:50 pm

I would like to know more about increased drug and alcohol consumption with mold exposure. This information is for a friend, not me. Thanks!

Exposure Safety June 5, 2014 - 9:22 am

Great post! Been reading a lot about maintaining safe levels of exposure to things like mold. Thanks for the info here!

Angeles July 8, 2014 - 3:46 am

I want to to thank you for this fantastic read!! I certainly loved every little bit of it.
I have you saved as a favorite to look at new things
you post…

Gary August 11, 2014 - 1:28 pm

I purchased a box of non-organic Mangoes from the asian market. At first, they seemed good. A few days later I noticed they smelled really funky. They were going spotty quicly. A few days after that the smell took over my apartment and I just dismissed it. I didn’t want to throw them away. Today, I was hanging around the apartment and became really moody suddenly. Angry and irritable. Even suicidal! Which is not me. I threw out the mangoes and left my place. Airing it now. Feeling much better.

Sally February 24, 2015 - 9:43 pm

Been living in my apartment for 6mos everything was fine until I decided to notify the landlord of a small leak coming from the roof by the window. She sent her handyman he ripped open the wall, daused it with mold/mildew/bleach and let it dry for 24hrs, came back and sealed the wall with new drywall and plaster. I began feeling lightheaded shortly after. No fainting, sneezing, a little headache for a few days but that stopped. It’s been a little over a month and during that time I went out and lights Honeywell hepa air purifier have left the windows open and have ran a few fans to try to capture all the airborne spores. Also the landlord replaced the carpet with laminate floors. I’ve had the apartment cleaned pretty thoroughly. Unfortunately I thought all that would have scrubbed the air pretty well, but after a few hours that the maids left, I felt lightheaded. Why? Is it all in my head now? I dj t get any odors or chemicals or mold, it smells fresh and clean. What else can be going on? I live in Los angeles and it really rains or is humid out here.

Cathy May 16, 2015 - 8:04 pm

My situation is a growing issue like mold. Our house was always drafty, then every time i had a sinus or allergy, doctors gave me penicillin , which has mold. i love cheese and it eventually built up. Now i realize what it has done. Also i have always been slow in thinking. well, the symptoms show it. we are not in the old house and im planning on relocating to a dry climate or where the air is fresher. to me, its not soon enough. trying to dry out.

veronica June 21, 2015 - 12:19 am

I contract my landlord month’s ago above this mold my daughter has asthma and I have panic attack and for getting things what can I do the mold is still in this house

Anthony walker July 14, 2015 - 6:09 am

I have been working on repacking beer the last 2yrs. Few months ago the repack guy commited suicide. He had depression issues felt like his world was always crashing. Financial problems, co workers, Daughter nore ex wife dealt with him he was always upset that he had no life. I would try to encourage and keep his spirits up, guess I failed. Now im managing the beer repack room lots of molded beer comes thru and gets airborne. I have researched this topic because I always look to the bright side of life, but latley the dark has been more taunting. Not enough money, this job sucks, is my wife cheating, why can’t I get ahead… Its reminding me of how my co worker was always focusing on negatives. Is my exposure to this mold and mildew changing the way I think or is it the stresses of the situation. I find the urge to smoke some herb very strong after quiting 3 yrs now.

Bahram July 30, 2015 - 6:04 pm

I live in a house with a huge crawl space and recently I started light smelling musky flavors. I am glad my wife and children made a trip out to west coast. But right after they did, the smell started to get stronger and coming out of the A/C ducts… At first I did not take it too serious, but now I feel the whole house and myself is exposed!! After reading about the symptoms now I am REALLY concerned as I smell the whole thing on my body!! I also might have eaten the damn thing cuz it is all over. Someone help, what do I need to do???

Does the whole house need remediated since it is all over through the A/C ducts?? and what about myself?? how do I get this out of body??? both external and internal???

God help me…

Alan September 22, 2015 - 11:37 am

OK I am of logical slant but it has still taken me 50 years to solve the mystery of my stressed life.
Mould! But it seems likely that only some of us have the mould inflammation gene. This might not apply to you.

Its killed my brother, helped along the way by a disasterous ignorant NHS, but apart from him I recall signs that relations, now deceased had similar.

Its an immune response, the effect depending on which moulds, how much house humidity, length of exposure etc etc. Mine covered stress, cognition,asthma amonst other things. I knew years ago I’d stumbled on an imporvement, putting it down to a new active athletic life. Nope, I was just removed from the source.

Debra Martin November 9, 2015 - 1:16 pm

I had problems with mould in the main bedroom and bathroom for years. No matter what I did it came back and I slept under it growing all over the roof. I never realized how sick it could make you. I was diagnosed years later with severe Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue which I don’t believe in. What they are is mould/heavy metal toxicity, which is triggered by electromagnetic frequencies. When mould was exposed to EMF (a mobile phone for a few minutes), its release of biotoxins increased by 600 times. I now have severe Electrohypersensitivity and am housebound most of the time. I can’t go to restaurants for family occasions or most public places. Shopping centres are horrendous as everyone there is walking around looking at their phone and Wi-Fi is everywhere. Its a nightmare and there are so many people who have health issues who don’t even realize they’re being triggered by mould and technology.

Deb January 1, 2016 - 4:14 pm

While in a friends apartment which smells slightly moldy and is being used as a storage unit, I suddenly went into a dreamlike state and was dissociated from my body and images of what was around me seemed unconnected. Was so severe a that I went to emergency room. All cat scans and bloodwork came out normal. My reflexes were normal and i could talk and walk normally, but was unsure if I was talking or just thinking and if I could walk. Lasted 2 1/2 hours in severe state and another 4 hours before back to normal, No diagnosis from doctors. Could this have been a reaction to mold?

Jane February 2, 2016 - 12:58 pm

Hi Everyone!
Thank you for posting all of your stories which has helped me to connect the dots in my own life. My former allergist couldn’t explain the reoccurring hives I experience on a daily basis. (Mornings ) diagnosis: “Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria” Which basically means we haven’t a freakin’ clue as to why you break out everyday and we’re done trying to figure this out with our prehistoric thoughts on mold/allergies and the effects on the human body. =Zyrtec/Benadry daily for symptoms and prednisone treatment for severe symptoms. Next patient please! Oh And now epi pen prescription. My dog died from Who knows what? but we thought it was allergies to food. We fed her a diet of GF – grain free – rotating different proteins. Before She had skin rash, lethargic, and vomiting. Thinking I would have to suffer with meds the rest of my life, I decided not to take the ‘shut up, go home and take Zyrtec’ approach and began to research this myself. I’ve lived in this home for 10 years. I started out being short of breath. I used to run marathons. No more energy for running. Being in this home causes me to be lethargic and fatigued. I was put on an Inhaler prescription. Sleep apnea test, lung function test etc etc. We live at 9,000 feet. I tested high for Arythropoietin levels. Skin tests revealed I was allergic to trees grasses weeds, dogs cats & molds. The interesting thing, I went in to receive more skin testing but was in a full blown state of Hives ( Can’t take antihistamines 3 days prior to testing) they decided to do a blood test instead to determine antibodies to certain molds. ‘Nope – they all came back negative’ .As I walked through the Medical allergy and Immunology facility, I could smell a horrible mold smell in the area of the nurses station. i presume there was an on going roof leak causing the dank moldy smell to exude from the ceiling. I feel sorry for the employees who silently inhale toxins.
After hearing for the last time, worthless advise from hell-care system and my husband thinking this is all in my head and not to project my illness onto him. ( He sneezes before work, when he comes home and before bed) The stench of wet tent permeates the master bedroom.) GROSS!!! The carpet is 19 years old and he feels it can be cleaned again. After all it’s an expensive 19 year old wool carpet! EVEN MORE GROSS!!! I’ve moved to the walk out basement guest room complete with air purifier and air filter. (Look up Air Oasis air purifier) Water is streaming down one of our inside walls on the main level and in several locations throughout the house, nail heads are popping out. I’m thinking this is water damage. Our house has heat tape in the gutters. The requirement is to turn on the heat tape in the fall after the first snow. H believes the heat tape doesn’t work, therefor he doesn’t turn to on. On to figuring this out myself…
I had inexpensive DNA testing done. 23&ME $100 – then take the raw data ( your mapped genome) and plug it into other sites ($5-15) that can decode your genome. (Promethease – Live Willo) Voila’! I have many genes which are associated with allergies and inflammation. Look up Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker – He and other well know scientist’s believe that many people who become toxic from mold exposure cannot process the micotoxins that are inhaled or ingested. Some peoples bodies don’t recognize & produce antibodies to the molds, you just get toxic from what the molds excrete. It’s no wonder the military has extensively researched molds in biological warfare. Mold – this is serious stuff – Why else do you see the people who mitigate the mold wear full suits and respirators?
I’ve eliminated Dairy, (Including casein ) Wheat, & gluten, infact all grains (Including alcohol) Although when you’re suffering the neurotoxic affects from molds, alcohol seems to calm the agitation. I’ve eliminated All Nuts, (including any form of coconut) mushrooms, citrus fruits, rice, potatoes and any white carbohydrate. I’ve stopped drinking coffee and eating chocolate. Still have hives in the morning. (Chemical smells from everything from deodorant , cleaners to the purfume from the local car wash was affecting me.) I had to go Scent free Everything. Today was another revelation for me. It snowed 12′ last night – I woke up, got dressed for cold weather and shoveled the snow. Instead of sucking in the daily morning dose of mold I treated myself to fresh air. Our leaking, mold spore breeding 5,000sf toxic soup of a home has a ton of decks and pathways. I shoveled for 2 and a half hours. NO RASH!!!! I came inside and isolated myself to the bedroom – still no rash. No zyrtec, no Benadryl – just clean healthy fresh mountain air. Now if that doesn’t display a cause and effect!!! Some things to consider in your own case of mold exposure. 1) look for changes in energy and mood. Do you feel anxious or depressed? 2) breathing – is your breathing a little more labored? 3) Is there a delay in cumulative exposure and actual symptoms? 4) do you feel better on vacation? 5) do you know the complete history of the home? Did you know that approximately 25%-40% of homes in the US have had water damage? You may not be able to actually see the water damage – but the spores fly every chance they can get 6) Think your climate is immune from mold growth? Think again… 7) Stay away from grains and they could contain small amounts of mold. 8) reduce your mold inhalation and ingestion in every possible way. 9) ADD? = MOLD – Hey – I hope my rambling has helped you to determine what is causing you to suffer mentally and physically. You know your body when something isn’t right. I wish all of you the best of health. Don’t be a Canary in a coal mine.

TAYLOR, B. March 3, 2016 - 8:10 am

MOLD ISSUES; My family rented a home 8/1/93. By 11/93, I had become extremely ill to the point that I could not stand, walk on my own, shower, do laundry, cook or use the toilet alone or get into or out of bed or drive alone. I was a wife and step mother of 4, grandmother of 1 we were raising. My doctor could not find anything wrong with me. Finally in 1997 After many test and years of excruciating whole body pain, insomnia, tremors, vision loss after showering in cool water and nuropathy, my doctor diagnoised me with FIBROMYALGIA. By this time, I had had enough suffering. I called the health Department and asked them about what to do about the horrible smell inmy master bedroom and bathroom. I had recently noticed 1 of my decorative bed pillows had fell onto the floor the night before and it was soaking wet when I picked it up tp put it on my bed that morning. I smelt it and it was awful smelling. Then I realized my feet were wet when I put my slippers on. The health Dept took a report and sent out an inspector to check the house. They checked the carpet, walls, bed frame ( old 4 poster water bed frame), dresser, chair and 2 end tables. Everything was wet. Including the carpet inside the closet and ALL MY SHOES, on the floor. So, I hired a lawyer. He had an air quality test done. After the house was closed up for 24 hours (with no one inside). The mold count was out the roof. I HAD A LAW SUITE. Well, let me tell you all, never just put up with your landlord or owner tellong you its nothing or let them clean or paint over it. You need to take pitcures yourself before anyone else, call the health Dept or Building inspector and get your doctor to document any symptoms you have and do all kinds of tests to see what is making you feel so sick. ESPECIALLY if the symptoms are NEW. Be especially careful about vision, skin, hearing, mental problems. Roseasia and skin rash or hives. Nausia, vomiting and diarrhea.

Leslie April 12, 2016 - 2:32 pm

I have been living in my home for two years.. about 8 months ago I discovered mold in my son’s room.. Black mold I assume.. Upon further looking there is mold of the window frames in every room.. Anyways I have been dealing with mental health issues that I assumed were normal and sought help from my doctor.. over the course of 6 months I have tried almost every anti depressant known.. Still no relief from my anxiety, panic attack, mood swings and constant fatigue.. It wasn’t until yesterday when I was cleaning the mold off the wall AGAIN that It clicked.. Maybe my mental health issues and panic attacks could be caused from the mold in the home. Im a single mother of two and just up and moving isnt realistic for me at this time… Im seriously concerned as I feel the mold is causing this, my mental health issues started about a year and half ago (6 months into living here) and as time go on I feel my mental state is only getting worse.. I am going to speak with a doctor first thing tomorrow. But if I can’t leave this home, is there anything I can do? As my landlord tells me clean it.. and he’ll come paint.

Brian Haythorn May 27, 2016 - 5:06 pm




both have useful information about cleaning and dealing with mold in your workplace or home.

Annalevis June 16, 2016 - 10:38 am

Mold is more than an eyesore. Always try to avoid those places where mold is supposed to be in high concentration. Tips for reducing mold that would be helpful for dealing with any type of mold http://www.floodaz.com/tips-for-reducing-mold/

Erik Johnson July 10, 2016 - 7:41 am

British Medical Journal
Sent: Saturday, January 01, 2005 10:57 AM
Subject: The Sixth Sense
I’m an Army veteran, and I was taught the importance of “knowing your enemy” and turning a weakness into a strength with strategy, if at all possible.
I identified my intense reactivity to mold and asked doctors to help me study the problem and deal with it – All refused.
So I took a sample of the offending irritant to a “safe place” and tried sleeping in gradually increasing proximity to determine the most subtle signs of a respons that I could discern.
Much to my amazement, the initial and earliest sign of any shift in my symptoms was a relative shift in “depression”, the sensation that I am constantly assured is “the product of an undisciplined mind to emotional stimulus”.
This response occurred as a precursor to headaches, rash or any of the neurological symptoms that people normally associate with a “mold hit”. This was such a consistent response that I came to the conclusion that depression is not what psychiatrists think it is; It is a warning.
When I thought about it for a while, it seemed logical that if Nature wanted to devise a mental response that would induce a creature to change its habits or location to avoid an immunological irritant by leaving an area, what “emotional” stimulus would serve better than “anxiety” and “depression”?
Our senses that interface with our tactile environment are exquisitely designed to correlate with our need to interpret damage and act accordingly, but what about toxic exposures? It seemed logical to me that an immunological message of dysfunction caused by toxins would create a commensurate impulse to “run like Hell” or at least try to change an animals circumstances in some manner to alter the exposure.
It seemed to me that if my proximity to a toxic irritant consistently resulted in an “anxiety/depresion” response, that this was actually a useful warning instead of the “emotional response of a disordered mental state”.
So I set out to devise a strategy of extreme mycotoxin avoidance based on my perception of exposure.
I have many clues for overt responses and “mold slams”.
But the primary sense that I am using to detect the lowest level of exposure is the “depression response”.
Several years ago I was describing my strategy to a doctor who offered me antidepressents. I was stunned and amazed that despite my description of the rationale for my strategy, that I was still so misunderstood. “What? Take antidepressents and and blunt my most useful tool for detection of immunological upregulation? I don’t want to deprive myself of the depression response – I rely on it and have learned to turn this so called “weakness” into a strength”.
Despite the demonstrable immunological effects of mycotoxins, my descriptions of this strategy to doctors and psychiatrists results in a proposal of “Obsessive Avoidance Behaviors” to account for my actions.
This “psychologizing” of a demonstrable, reproducible and provable response to known neurotoxins says more about the obsessions of psychiatrists than it does about my “behaviors” and I sincerely hope that someday these psychiatric-obsessive theorists will get the counseling they so desperately need.
The evidence is building that “depression” is sickness behavior and represents “The Sixth Sense” , a perception of immunological response which, if correlated with infections or toxic irritants, can be an extremely useful indicator of a cytokine induced inflammatory condition.
-Erik Johnson

J. Flo August 13, 2016 - 10:53 am

What a trip! I would have never thought mold could cause so much pain and devastation. I was exposed to toxic mold that was behind the walls (ceiling painted over) of a crappy apartment in the South Bay, CA. The sickness began the first month I moved in – starting with insomnia, then anxiety, then depression. I was planning a wedding at the time and I thought it was just stress. Then it went from bad to WORSE – SO MUCH WORSE. Shortly after the wedding I was having panic attacks, crying constantly – even at work. Eventually I was diagnosed with PTSD. Tried a lot of antidepressants and antianxiety medicine – nothing helped. I spent so much money on therapy, that didn’t fix it. It DID help me identify what was real and what wasnt though, and helped me cope. Maybe even saved my life.

Finally I began searching for answers myself. The depression (thought of self harm and suicide) were the scariest things to me. I have always been a fun, goofy, bright side person. Whoever I was when I was sick was NOT ME and I KNEW IT! So I actually started with my diet. I learned about how Paleo style or even Ketogenic food plans help people with mental distress and I started by lowing carbs, increasing good fats (coconut oil, olive oil, avocados and avocado oil) and eliminating gluten entirely. WOW! I finally felt good enough to slowly taper off the Zoloft (which made me feel like a zombie). Next I “fired” a few of my doctors whose only advice was to medicate me with more antidepressants instead of looking into the cause.

Finally I found a Naturopathic doctor who listened carefully to all of my ailments, and asked me a million questions and gave me lots of tests – hormone, neurotransmitter, organic compounds, blood work you name it. I took copious notes of what I was eating, where I was going, what symptoms I was experiencing and she eventually asked me if I had been in a water damaged building. I said yes, because there was a leak in the ceiling at my apartment, but I didn’t see any mold. Her face lit up like – A HAH! She had me test the apartment – we did an air test behind the walls and sure enough – toxic mold!!!! Lots of it!

One year since moving and still detoxing, I am doing a lot better. Still a ways to go, but I am much more aware of my surroundings. I embrace my new super powers of mold discovery and sometimes jokingly call myself “The Mold Whisperer”. I still get hit with the occasional depression, anxiety, irritability and fatigue but I know what’s up now.

My treatment has included Progesterone supplementation (I’m a woman), adrenal support, liver support, taking liposomal glutathione, b12, collidial silver nose spray, anti-fungal herbs, thyroid support (I did a T3 treatment), avoiding foods I have a sensitivity to (I took a test from ImmunoLabs – mold gave me leaky gut – 23 food sensitivies yeesh!) Far Infrared Sauna combined with taking activated coconut charcoal and clay to adsorb all the toxins released by the heat, DNA test by 23andMe which helped to isolate issues with methylation so I could better support those areas with energy production. I combine all of that with my Paleo diet (on and off again Ketosis), plenty of sleep, open and honest communication with family members and friends. I am planning to address my gut next. My next step is a Low Dose Antigen treatment to fix my leaky gut sensitivities and then I’m planning on doing a complete gut cleanse.

I’m so glad the word is spreading about the DISASTER that is mold. I thank God I am getting better, but how good i can get has yet to be completely seen. I trust God to keep guiding me in my journey and I pray for all of you to seek out more wisdom. Love!!!

Steve Majewski August 30, 2016 - 6:47 pm

About two years ago, my body quit wanting food. The thought or smell of food made me nauseated, but I would force myself to eat something every two or three days. 6 inches disappeared from my waistline. I found myself bored with life, and would sleep about twelve hours each day. My sinuses and ears became clogged, and that’s when my mental issues really kicked in. I had all kinds of weird pressures in my head. I felt dizzy and off-kilter. My ears echoed, and my head felt like it was in a fishbowl. Anxiety and paranoia were my constant companions. Everyone was out to get me, and I was afraid to leave to house. Constant spitting of crud was also an annoyance. This was all very distressing, and hard to explain to others, if I even tried. After doing some online research, I determined the mold in my bathroom was the culprit. I sprayed it all with instant mold killer, and the symptoms began to get better after two weeks. That was about five months ago, and my head has mostly cleared up. My appetite has returned. The fears are gone, as well as the rest of the problems, for the most part. It is so great to feel like my old self again! Thinking you are dying and going crazy is no way to live. I wish I had found a site like this back then. I hope it helps others.

Rick the fixture guy September 4, 2016 - 4:32 am

I used to remodel HUD houses and Section 8 housing in Pittsburgh about ten years ago. We went up in one house and there was a leak in the roof. The water had been running down the wall inside the house in one corner. There was black mold growing on the walls. I told the guy I was working for that the whole wall needed to come out and be replaced, and a new roof. He actually wanted us to put a little patch on the roof, wash the walls with bleach, and paint over it with Kilz. I told him no way, I’m not doing that. The mold was living inside the wall. I told him people are going to get sick from that. He didn’t care. I told him the county inspector would care. I didn’t do any more work for him after that. Mold is no joke. My ex-mother in law had mold in her house and she got sick from it. I had never heard of psychological effects from it before reading this article, but it doesn’t surprise me in the least. If you have mold in your house, get rid of it. (Or move.)

Helen September 30, 2016 - 11:29 am

I have a very good friend, a brother, you could call him after 38 years friendship.
He has helped me, looked after me in good times and bad times. We became best friends due to a same sense of humor (plus that he’s very reliable) . He’s so much of a friend that no family reunion would be complete without him. We knew one another inside out, until about 8 years ago, when he came to visit for chistmas holidays, and i noticed he was not behaving like his normal self. Always having been dead honest and straight forward with one another i obviously quizzed him right away on what was the matter? He wasn’t sleeping, he walked around panting and sighing, behaved extremely anxious and seemed paranoid, and i was getting majorly worried.
As the holidays drew to a close, he left ( on a journey taking about a day and a half) and appx 4 hrs in to the journey he called me, told me in a frantic voice that he was lost and he felt dizzy and he couldn’t remember the road. After a half an hour of trying to figure out where he was and directing him to take a turn and stop at the nearest house to ask them to call for an ambulance or get assistance in case he was losing consciousness, he then suddenly just cut me off, and called me from his home a day later. He said he was feeling very strange and as i was worried sick by then i told him to immediately go to the hospital and upon getting there to tell the doctor to call me in case he would not be able to describe his condition. (He was truly VERY confused and could not seem to hold a sentence together, seemed to lose words e.t.c, and he was in absolute extreme panic)

A doctor did call me once he arrived at the hospital and i explained to him as detailed as i could what had happened and i was told he suspected he might have had a small blood clot on his brain as he had an extremely high blood pressure at that point. And MRI scan was done, but nothing was found, and he slowly seemed to recover, although he never became himself again completely. From having been a happy extrovert, he became a silent and moody introvert. From having been the one who always cracked the best jokes, he suddenly seemed to have no sense of humor whatsoever. He said he couldn’t count anymore, not the simplest thing, and he started stuttering and forgetting mid sentence what he was talking about. And throughout the following 5 years he also became extremely irritable for no apparent reason, and finally also aggressive…physically aggressive.. That was something absolutely UNTHINKABLE to his persona, and i figures something is really really wrong. I wrote a long letter to his doctor, i suggested parkinsons, a severe depression, dementia, alzheimers..WHATEVER i could think of that could cause these kind of symptoms because this was getting truly scary. The person i had always known and called my brother, just did not exist anymore. I was constantly dealing with some other person and every interaction with him was like from a twilight zone. Then, two years ago, i decided to take a trip to his place for a few weeks, still determined that there MUST be something i can do to help him, cheer him up somehow. On the second day of my stay, i kept waking up in the night to a really foul smell…a smell i could not identify…it just smelled -dead-..really pugenant waves of smell. I thought it might have been the sewer or a dead mouse or something somewhere, so, i looked around everywhere. Could not find anything that would indicate where it was coming from, until, i actually moved his bed to see if it was something under the bed….and..what i saw, scared me literally to death. Beneath the bed, right in the head end, the floor boards (wooden) were BLACK with mold…swollen and cracked, it was that bad. BLACK MOLD!!!
To this day, he continues to live there, and has only used some mold killing agent on the floor. He said there was a water leak in the pipes already years ago, but he had never realized there was a mold problem, so he had lived like that for possibly 10 years. The rest of the story is so sad, i cannot write it without having to dive in to how horribly changed his personality is, to such degree that the depression and his new personality is what he has actually become. It is impossible to talk to him about moving out or explain to him that this mold is what has changed him and causing so many problems and havoc to him. He becomes irate at any reasoning with him..and he continues to live his life like this, going from bad to worse with blackouts and constant mood swings and paranoia, living with extreme states of fear and lashing out at people. Nothing is left of the person i once knew. Just sharing this story as warning example for anyone having doubts about the severity of what mold can do to a persons health. And here i have only described the mental and emotional aspects, a change of personality..i won’t even start on the physical problems he’s had.. It’s just all too sad.
So..anyone out there with mold in your house..GET OUT or RENOVATE real quick.

All the best, from someone who cares. (apologies for any typos, i am dyslectic)

Donna Yonash November 6, 2016 - 7:39 am

I found out a year ago when I went to sell my house after 13 years of owning it that I had mold growing in the attic. When we bought the house in 2002 mold had shown up in the inspection and the seller put a fan in the roof to mitigate the problem and removed the mold, but didn’t correct the problem of insufficient ventilation. The attic fan ran constantly and quit after maybe 2 years. We didn’t notice when it quit working. In retrospect I remember having symptoms of mold exposure years ago and not knowing why I felt that way. After living in the house for approximately 4 years my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer at 50 years old and died two years later. We heard from neighbors that the previous owner also died of cancer. He would have lived in the house for 15 years, not knowing that ventilation was insufficient and mold was growing in his attic. What a coincidence that around the same time I was looking into new roof venting I had a flu-like illness with vertigo and many other symptoms, all symptoms of toxic mold exposure. After several thousand dollars of tests my doctor could not determine what was wrong with me. I have had several instances of the same type of symptoms that started 2 weeks after I began my new job in a the building of a University Library. After a summer of actually feeling good, September 12, 2016 symptoms kicked in again and have continued since then, with need for antihistamines every day. I refuse to be addicted to xanax again in order to control the nervousness I feel. My doctor believes I have Histamine Intolerance. I believe I had toxic exposure to mold and am reacting to smaller exposures of mold and other foods and allergens like pollen and dust mites. It affects my short term memory, ability to concentrate, and ability to pull words from my brain, especially at work. There were several instances of the hallway ceiling at my workplace leaking 25 feet from my office since I began working there. I find it hard to believe that after stopping the leak and replacing ceiling tiles there is not mold growing up there and my symptoms are not related. I have been in an almost constant state of tension/nervousness with high adrenaline and heart palpitations for six years, needing to take xanax to calm my body down. I now have the realization that what I have been dealing with is not simply anxiety, but reactions to mold and other histamine producing foods and allergens. I will never know if my husband’s cancer was the result of mold growing in the attic of our home. I plan on being tested in the near future to find out what foods and allergens I have a sensitivity to, especially mold. I was tested by an Allergist about a month ago and tested negative for everything, with classic allergy symptoms. I believe there is a good chance that I also have the MTHFR gene mutation and will be tested soon. The MTHFR gene mutation is related to Histamine Intolerance. I welcome any comments or ideas on this.

kathrina lewis January 5, 2017 - 6:09 am

The following symptoms of mold exposure have been reported generally as a result from persons being in a mold contaminated environment on and off for an extended period of time. Symptoms are reported to have become more severe and longer lasting directly in proportion to the length of exposure time. Their reported symptoms are as follows:

Constant Headaches
Nose Bleeds
Feelings of Constant Fatigue
Breathing Disorders
Coughing up Blood or Black looking Debris
Loss of Appetite
Weight Loss
Hair loss
Skin Rashes
Open Sores on the Skin
Memory Loss “Short Term”
Neurological & Nervous Disorders
Sexual Dysfunction
Swollen Glands in the Neck Area and under the Armpit
Sudden Asthma Attacks or Breathing Disorders
Ear Infections and Pain
Chronic Sinus Infections
Chronic Bronchitis
Pain in the Joints and Muscles

Nikki January 27, 2017 - 4:08 pm

I had been having a change in personality due to mold in my black coffee maker. I had thought just because it was an appliance, that mold wouldn’t grow in certain areas, because I let it air dry. Well after 3 years of having it, I wiped around the rim, and it was black. I didn’t pay much attention until just 2 weeks ago. But I noticed everytime I would drink coffee I was always sneezing, ans feeling bloated. I thought it was the organic sugar. I started forgetting things, and just rage for no reason. I’m not one to forget anything. I was fatigued and miserable. No more coffee. I will be getting tested to get treated. I am very sensitive to everything, and have allergies already.

derek April 8, 2017 - 11:42 am

here’s my story and sorry for any mispeale writing im french lol. ok somewere in 2013 i started sneezing alot and my nose always clog up at night giving me a hard time sleeping and having a hard time breathing. I eventually got tested for allergies and out of 46 things i got tested I was allergic to 37 things and of course one of them was mould. then one day the fan breaks in the washroom so i called the landlord to say the fan was broken and he told me he would send someone to fix it but it took like 2 months before someone came over to fix the fan but it was to late the mould started to get on the walls and waiting to get the fan fix i slowly started to get sick so i went a bought a dehumidfire for the washroom to collect the steam when taking a shower so the mould didn’t get worse.so i eventually called the landlord and someone came over to fix the fan so the guy removed the fan and got it fix only to break down again. called the landlord again and told him the fan broke again and that mould was collecting in the washroom and he said he would send someone to fix it again but this time he bought new fan for the washroom and he told me that he would but some paint for mould and that he would fix the issue. he bought some paint but guest what he never fix the clean out the mould. next thing i started to notice i was starting to get hives underneath both armpits. and because i was so confuse because of my allergies to mould i could not think straight. i thought maybe i was allergic to my underarm doederant. so i bought an unseated deoderant but still i was getting hived on my armpits. tried changing my washing machine soap to an unseated laundry soap and bounce still did not fix the issue. i was starting to be a nervous reck i didn’t know what was going on tried everything to find out what was getting me hives. not just having hives, i was getting mood swings, irritability, impulsive, increased risk taking, decreased speech smoothness, poor stress coping, increased verbal fighting, lateness, poor empathy, immaturity, spacey, poor insight, decreased productivity, unable to process trauma or pain, forgetfulness, poorly organized, dead creativity, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, decreased attention, increased drug consumption and other things also. so one day i decided to clean of the mold in the washroom with bleach because my landlord never came and fix the issue and not to long after i started to get better but not 100% better im sure there was some mould behind the walls. But not to long after i hurt my back and that did not help my issues. i went on medical cannabis for my back and sleeping issues. but i also suffer from other medical condition like anxiety, depression, ocd and maybe ADD and other medical condition also. and eventualy the mold came back and i got sick again and not thinking the mould was the issue i started to get sick again. i was having some issue at work also i would just loose it and my boss send me home because of my behavior and also suffer from short term memory so after i was sent home one day from work i was so depressed that i went on facebook and wrote i was fed up with my life and i was about to end it my son called me to ask if everything was ok. i said yes everything was ok so i ended up removing that post. and not only that my drug consumption almost went 4 times of what im taking now so besically i was taking my cannabis true a vaporizer and while standing up whilemy legs would tremble because it would take almost 45 minutes on my vaporizer. and not just that while laying down trying to sleep my hearth sometimes would just pound like crazy, sometimes i would get numbness of my fingers. i would sometimes sleep like 16 hours straight and wake still tired. i started to fall behind on credit card payments, and also my life for the last 2-3 years i would go to work comeback home go straight to my bedroom. i would bearly go out not even going to my parents place. I lost all contact with people,I would get my kids every second weekend instead of doing meals for them i would buy them take almost every day. i barelly do anything with my kids. and the only time i would eat in the kitcheen was when my kids were home with me and i would go straight to my bedroom. i would play games in my bedroom i eat in my bedroom i would leave garbage all over my room i barelly did any cleaning. My appartment was mess. i would have dirty dishes while i brought up my kids back to their mom end 2 weeks later when i went to get my kids the same dishes were still in the sink it would just stink. i would empty my garbage and just put it in a corner in my appartment some times i would have like 4 bags lying around my appartment and the only time i would trought them out was when i came back to work and started smelling garbage in the lobby of the appartment and beight affraid that other tenents would smell it. and also would play call of duty games online and for some reason when i would get killed i would just loose it i would take my controller and trough on the grond and break it i must have broken at least 20 controllers in lest then 6 months and also a 40 in lcd tv. and thats when i started going to councelling. one day i was playing with my son on my xbox and my daughter was on the computer in my bedroom and i was loosing to my son and for some reason i just lost it and through the controller against the wall and broke it and thats when my son and daughter walk out from my room. i can tell you i felt so bad about it and that’s was one of the last time my daughter came to visit me and that’s was in 2015 and she still hasn’t come over ever since. my son that year in 2015 he came over for the summer and work in my town there for the summer. and also my son who has crohn’s disease he would also sleep alot while living there he would wake up coughing up in the morning like for a couple of minutes, he would have nose bleeds often his eyes were always red. and me being all confused about what was going on because of the mould i could not think straight that the mould was hurting my son because he was he was on humira for his crohn’s which drops his ummune system downso he was more sensible to the mold because of his humira. so after the summer was over i brought back my son to his mother. And another thing i bareally did anything with my son the whole summer i was spending most of my time in my bedroom while he was stying over. so the day i brought my son back i wrote on facebook again that i was depressed. not to long after i get a text from my ex saying that i should not putting things up like that and said that my son was on the last year of high school and he didn’t need to see post like that on facebook. so after that i removed that post from my facebook. And about a month after i decided to clean the washroom and removed the mould only to find out the next day that i had a rash under my armpits again. buy the way the last 6 months i was there i was taking up to 40mg of reaction to conteract my hives is was getting. at the end it was not even helping. so the next day i went end stayed at my parents place while thet where in toronto visiting my sister. that night while taking my cannabis i took the same amount that i was taking at my appartment and ending up having a overdose. i called my parents around 1:00 saying that i had found my cure to all my conditions. being that my parents were 12 hours away they called a relitived to come over to watch me and i was kind of out of it for like 2 days after. i bearly speak to my daughter anymore and also my ex said the reason my daughter doesn’t come and visit me anymore is because im to negative. I’ve lost my relationship with my daughter and lost some friends on my xbox because i was raging all the time. And because of that i lost my daughter because of the mould, my parents are not the same toward me, my sister says she would call me but never does. and when i try to explain what went on at my place no doctors want to help and i even got rid of my family doctor while i was confuse with the mold. i can tell you i will never be the same as i was before i stayed at the appartment seems that i have lost it all. and by the way im living in an appartment with no mould as far as i know because i was able to drop my reactin to 10mg. a day instead of 40mg. there might be more things that happen but that’sall that i can remember. And by the way i try to pick up after my self and clean up more now but its kind of hard when you’ve been living that way for almost 3 years of your life and loosing a daughter.

Dee June 21, 2017 - 2:33 pm

I have all the same symptoms too. We are all crying for help. However, I only go though “mold eposodes ” when I’m exposed to it. It’s literally horrifying. People think you’re mentally impaired, when in fact we are having a reaction to the toixitiy.

I’m an immaculate housekeeper. The only time I have a reaction is when I’m at someone else’s house or at a restaurant that has mold present. Since I’m inthe hospitality industry, I have to work at newer and cleaner restaurants.

Toxic mold allergies, episodes and reaction to it need to be examined more closely by medical and mental professionals.

Thank you for your attention to this serious matter.

Kim August 23, 2017 - 12:46 pm

I have concerns about a home my 21 year old daughter is looking to purchase. It was a foreclosure property that someone purchased for less than the value of the land, and renovated to flip. I use to work property preservation and have been in many foreclosed homes. Every one I have been in has had a mold issue. I requested my daughter to not even look at a home with a foreclosure history. Unfortunately there is very little on the market in her price range, and she came across this home that appears nicely redone. (What we call “lipstick” It looks nice, but it’s what you don’t see, but know is there, that is concerning.). This house had a known mold issue which was supposedly remediated. She went under contract for this home, and during the inspection I told her I would pay for the mold sample test; and a sliver of wood from the floor joist in the basement was taken for testing. Of course it came back positive for mold. The inspector thought it was efflorescence. That one tiny piece identified two molds: Aspergillus & Penicillium, both identified as heavy and active and fertile colonies. I told her to walk away. She has a penicillin allergy, and I believe this will affect her, and has had reactions to mold before. She claims she is fine in this house, but whenever she sees it for the short time she does, the doors are all opened up. The basement smells musty. It was tested for Radon and needs a mitigation system. The new water tank was leaking so there was a very small amount of water present on the floor. My daughter feels that she can have the seller mitigate the mold from the home. She claims that she did research and that these two molds are not bad. (We do not know they exact strain of these molds) I told her this is one small sampling, who knows what else is present for mold. I read that these molds could contribute to mycotoxins, which I understood to be bad. I also read that even dead mold is dangerous. And that super molds could develop, and resistance to treatment. How would mold be mitigated in a home that has walls, Sheetrock, ceiling, roof, how could you get it all? I’m some of the foreclosure properties I had been in, the mold grew between the wood flooring slats. I worry this could eventually happen in that house. My daughter thinks that because he mold isn’t black it’s not toxic. I was able to find the past owner who said there was mold in the house and it had a termite issue. There are drainage issues due to the landscape, and other issues, but my major concern is the mold. My daughter has a boyfriend who has only one kidney. They are planning to marry and have children. I worry about the immune systems Anyone have any information or advice? My daughter thinks it’s surface mold and it will be okay. I would greatly appreciate any feedback. If possible please text my cell phone number at 207-590-4260. Thank you so much.

MEe October 19, 2017 - 5:49 pm

Mold almost killed my family and I. Comcast contractor drilled a hole in our roof accidentally while installing, and it leaked into my son’s wall and the entryway for two years and we had no idea. We were all physically and mentally ill, poor concentration, I never felt more irritable or stupid in my life. We left the day my toddler could not stand up, his legs just collapsed. Nobody in my family believed me, we were just crazy to them, my aunt owned the house and cancelled the appointment for the mold testers! I left them during detox, we alternately lived in our car after we bounced from my relatives to in-laws to friends (all had mold!), and finally got a hotel room until we could afford to rent again. New rental is clean, we started feeling better but it took months before we stopped feeling symptoms. Nobody listened except my children’s pediatrician, I have thousands in medical bills where doctors found nothing wrong with me. I helped a friend throw away things after a flood, felt crazy and drunk on nothing, falling over for days before I felt right again. Today we went to an old favourite restaurant but the city flooded and I could smell it as soon as I walked in. I should’ve left but we finished our meal. On the drive home my skin started burning and headaches came. We got to the house right before vertigo set in. I am now quarantining myself because I am irritable again and falling over like I drank heavily. I do not drink or smoke anymore, but I did LOADS in the mold-hole. I am so sad that even 20 minutes in a moldy place can affect me so badly. I will never be able to visit so many places and people I used to frequent. Our city was underwater for a long time and there are still trash piles out in some places with people’s material lives just molding on the sides of the road. Off to treat my house and clothes with ammonia and MoldControl again, sigh. No grains, sugar, or cheese for a while, and I love cheese. I hate being mold sensitive, but I hate more that nobody believes it is real. Telling people they live in mold and must toss all porous belongings to feel better makes them irate. You cannot reason with people to save their lives. Sick Building Syndrome is real. Look up BauBiologie. At least someone is trying to prove/combat this. People can be so naive and afraid of truth, it is scary. Leave your home if there is mold. You have to remove and remediate CORRECTLY if you are to have your quality of life back and the chances of correct remediation is very, very slim. People want $$$ and they don’t get as much by doing a thorough job. Sorry, but it’s true. Being homeless was hard but miles better than dying slowly and fighting. Forget trying to save non-believers, turn your backs and work on yourselves. Health will slowly return but not 100% and you will likely always have sensitivity once exposed. My heart goes out to all of you.

Michele June 17, 2018 - 12:14 pm

I have been reluctant to face my nightmare numerous things I should not of survived… Or as I feel. unworthy burden n now hearing..$$$$ I barely got a pot 2 piss in.. Plz disregard my expressions if offensive…but u know something but…..mold?? Brought up w farming views. Black is badd n can balance w air baking soda n pure bleach n alternate if stubborn acv. Green to passable. With yrs of anxiety following when I conquered my alcoholism I had dramatic panic attacks I really stopped gave up cuz of yrs of ocd issues as well felt enjoy my crappy life somehow n sleep when I die.
Ty tho that I understand “life can knock us down but is a choice to get up agn”

Katie September 11, 2018 - 10:40 am

Has anyone heard of OCD obsessions resolving after getting mold treatment? I saw in article on the blog called “Goop” on mold, and OCD was listed as being a condition commonly caused by it, but I want to hear some real life experiences. I’ve been diagnosed with CIRS, from mold exposure, and I have these stupid fears that I obsess over all the time. I just want them gone. I always want exhaustive certainty that the fears couldn’t possibly be true. It’s torment, as I can’t seem to rationalize with them, because they make me question everything.

SydneyP April 12, 2019 - 12:19 pm

We have mold, and unfortunately we’re too poor to have it removed. I cant think straight I feel like poo 24/7 I’m only 19 and I’m forgetting words and setences and I’m trapped I only have 100 dollars in my bank account I fear ill.be dead or I’ll lose myself entirely due to mold before I’m even 25. My family thinks I’m insane when i tell them how I feel. I can see the mold effecting them they mix up words and arent as alert as they use to be.

Bridgette January 8, 2022 - 3:41 pm

I am severely debilitated, chronically ill for over 12 years bedridden, unable to walk or function in any way physically, mentally, emotionally. I had some unexplainable symptoms as a child and into adult hood but was still able to live a successful life. Then at 25 years old I became chronically ill. No hospitals or doctors, including nonconventional doctors or practitioners have been able to help me. I have about 50 horrible symptoms daily. I feel like I’m dying and like I want to die every day. If anyone wants to reach out or has any ideas or has gone through or is going through something similar please reach out. Thank you. [email protected]

Karen Burnette March 22, 2022 - 5:26 pm

Bridgette-I am so sorry you are dealing with this. I too have been ill for 25 years. I finally found a Functional Medicine Practitoner who believed I had the “mold gene” and that I needed to test for mold in my body and test my home. I bought the test for mold in my body through mymedlabs.com. It’s the mycotoxin test and I had high levels of Aspergillosis and Mycophenolic Acid. Tested my home and yep…I’m
in an unlivable moldy environment. I would begin with the mold in your body. The test is $299 or $399. Not cheap, but it‘d worth it to know. I found a FMP near me and I am currently treating to detox my body of mold and toxins. I detoxed for almost 5 months and I had to stop to have my gallbladder removed, but in those 5 months, I was able to get some better and I returned to work part-time. Something I never thought I’d be able to do. Unfortunately, most traditional MD’s don’t believe in mold or Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome and you have to use a FMP, most of which don’t take insurance. If you have insurance, it will pay for some of the testing. I went through years of hell and like you, wanting to die every single day for the last 5 years which is when I got so bad that I couldn’t work and my entire life changed, my personality, I lost my memory. It’s just awful and no one understands, not even MD’s and it’s frustrating. Doctors lumped me into the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and sorry, but that’s a cop out. I do have it but there must be a reason and there is. Mold and other toxins. It’s pretty simple and really common sense. Just know that there is hope and if you can get proper treatment, you can heal if mold is in fact your issue. Hope this helps.

Allyson Smith October 21, 2022 - 4:12 pm

Black mold produces mycotoxins. The mycotoxins produce tricothecene which produces the chemical stachybotrys chartarrum. Stachybotrys chartarrum is a neurotoxin. Excessive exposure to it will cause inflammation. It can cause Chronic Inflammatory Response syndrome. Inflammation can cause many problems in the body. I was exposed to it and it caused nodules to form on the thyroids, a lipoma in my back, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid vasculitis, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. If the inflammation had been corrected none of the other would have occurred. Bleach won’t kill mold. It will only fade it. Castile soap is good to clean it. It will kill it.


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