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mold in the shower

Hints on Removing Mold from a Natural Stone Shower

Natural stone showers are aesthetically very pleasant to the eye. However, they are tricky to maintain due to their very nature. Based on the type of stone, they all behave differently when in contact with water and steam. Nonetheless, one thing will happen with all of them – mold will grow, and you will have to think up of a way to effectively clean it and prevent it from growing again. Here are some hints that can help you in this task.
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sea of clouds

6 Tips To Keep Mold Allergies At Bay While Traveling

You’ve been chosen to go on a business tour to Mexico City, but you’re the least bit thrilled about it. It’s not quite the stress about the big project that’s giving you sleepless nights; it’s really the concern about your allergic asthma getting triggered. While you’ve done all in your capacity to prevent a mold attack at your home, in a foreign land, there’s very little in your control. So what’s your best solution? Saying no to the opportunity that your colleagues would kill for? Definitely not! These 6 simple tips will help you bid your mold allergies goodbye while traveling:
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molds on plants

Allergenic Mold Spores: How to Use Landscaping to Eliminate Them

Mold, in its many forms can develop and trigger allergenic effects which can in the worst case scenario be lethal; and it is most important to get rid of mold if there are any children around, as their immune system is the most endangered.

Even if you mold-proof your home, it will be inevitable that mold spores will grow in your backyard, which is why it is important to learn proper landscaping and how to use that to fight back mold.
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