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mold in a rental home

I Have Mold in my Rental!

A Common Problem

The most common issue we encounter here on MoldBlogger is the situation of mold within a rental unit. The question that comes in the most is usually: How do I get my landlord to remove the mold? This is tough because, from a landlord’s perspective, it is often not seen as a financially productive move on their part, should they remove the mold and ensure it doesn’t reappear. Meaning: it can be quite costly for them and in opposition to their immediate needs and goals. For many landlords, there simply isn’t monetary cushion available for them to cover the costs of a severe mold infestation. Personally, I have even seen lease contracts that essentially say, “This climate is moist and mold is something we just have to live with.” Let’s be clear about one thing. Mold is NOT something you or anyone else should ever have to live with.
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aerial view of buildings

Preventing Mold from Occurring in Your Home

When looking to prevent mold in your home it is important to protect your home from a number of problems that might cause mold to arise. This scourges that can bring on mold include humidity levels, leaky roofs, improperly installed sump pumps, and water damage problems. These are common problems in many home across the nation including homes in the state of Maryland. With Maryland being at a low sea level mold is a consistent problem. The first part that needs to be understood is stopping the mold from occurring from in the home is controlling the humidity level.
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remove carpet molds

Keeping Your Carpets Mold-Free

Getting your house cleaned is something that probably no one enjoys, especially if you have a big home. Cleaning can go on for hours and even days – and with today’s lack of free time, spending energy on cleaning sounds more than exhausting. However, you have to endure it and go on with it, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t help yourself as much as possible. There are some tips and tricks that can save you time and energy, and here are some are handy when it comes time for cleaning the carpet and, specifically, mold that appears on it.
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window at home

Most Common Water Heater Issues and How to Solve Them

If you ever had a misfortune of having issues with your water heater, you probably wished you were more experienced or at least more informed on the matter, especially when finding the easiest and the most hassle free solution is concerned. On the other hand, you are certainly blessed if you never had any water heater issues at all. No matter which group you belong to, being familiar with potential problems would surely prove helpful in the future. This is why you should perhaps take a look at the most common water heater issues and the most practical solutions for them.
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