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7 Easy Steps for A Mold Free Bedroom

by BrianReeves
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Molds Can Grow On Any Organic Material

Mold can be a serious issue. Because they are a naturally occurring substance, all it takes is a little bit of moisture and they can grow on any organic material. Moisture comes from anything that is wet and humid, which can be found in most homes. Molds can cause serious health issues for family members, especially for those who have respiratory problems, and it puts them in a higher risk if there are molds growing in number inside your home. This needs to be taken care of quickly. Here are seven easy steps for making sure that your bedroom stays mold free.


  1. Inspect Humid Areas

Check each area in your room where there is a high possibility of mold growing. Inspect places that have high humidity level, or any space that water can slip in. Molds can easily grow on wood surfaces that are soaking wet. Make sure to inspect your whole home as well for water leaks especially the areas where most of your water pipes are hidden. If there is indeed a leak, fix it immediately.

  1. Dehumidifier

Minimize the humidity in a room by using a dehumidifier, this helps with absorbing most of the moisture in the air and reduces it to a normal level. Having a hygrometer is advisable, considering it helps measure the humidity levels inside your home.

  1. Proper Ventilation

One way of controlling the humidity level inside your home is to have a proper ventilation system. Having exhaust fans can help adjust and normalize the moisture in a room. Venting your bathrooms is critical, since it is where most molds can occur.

  1. Do General Cleaning

This can be a minor factor but it will still help in preventing molds from ever growing in your room. Clear out papers and old documents that you do not need because this may be a likely source of mold growth. Most times, mold can appear behind old furniture and other organic materials that may be in bad condition. Throw those unnecessary items out because it may attract other bugs and insects aside from the mold. If you have indoor plants inside the room, keep them maintained because molds have the tendency to grown under pots. The soil is a perfect habitat for molds, as it holds lots of moisture.

  1. Air Conditioning Maintenance

Keep your air conditioner maintained in a good and clean condition. Air conditioners are designed to dehumidify as they cool the room and filter the air. The air filtering process disrupts mold spores from growing and spreading in the room. Change your filter on a regular schedule.

  1. Vacuum Carpets

Keep your carpets cleaned on a weekly basis. This can also be the source of mold growth because of the moisture absorbed by the carpet from a week old stain. A good effective cleaning paste for carpet cleaning is to mix vinegar and baking soda for removing stains as well as removing the molds on the carpet. After cleaning the carpets, it is recommended to vacuum the stained area to remove any remaining residue and possible mildew. A professional carpet cleaning service should be used at least once a year to deep clean your carpets. This eliminates mold spores that your regular vacuum cleaner may not be able to remove.

  1. Let The Sunlight In


Molds prefer the dark spaces and cold areas of your room to grow in. By making sure that sunlight reaches most areas of your room, you have nothing to worry about. It reduces the chance of mold spores spreading and mildew growing. In the morning, make sure to open your curtains so that sunlight can warm up your room.

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