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black mold everywhere


Black mold spores started in a small place on one wall in my sons room, after cleaning it with clorox numerous times it took over his wall completely one day so i called the landlord about it about a week later he comes out and paints my sons walls with mold killing primer. I told him he needs to find the source of the black mold and not being able to see the mold anymore doesnt mean it isnt still in the air. Now mold is covering my bedroom walls, starting to grow in living room and also the bathroom and its also in our sons bedroom closet. My two month old has been to the doctor twice and along with him having all the symptoms of black mold so does my two year old and me and my husband. What advice do you have for me? Seems like he just wants to relaint all the walls instead of having a professional come out and properly remove the mold? Can i withhold any rent? What about a lawsuit? Please help us out thanks in advance!

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Asked on December 3, 2015 5:22 pm

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