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can some expert pls tell me what type of mold this is?


hi guys, new at the mold thing, in fact other than seeing black dots (some big) on the basement walls or discoloration in some areas i can’t say i’ve known of a serious mold problem w/my house, we live in the northeast, very old house btw. this disgusting thing is inside the den bathroom, google search says it’s an insect and it is not. when searching for molds i can’t find this type and would like to know what it is before worrying about my family being exposed and removing it properly, it has no smell btw and no one has come too close to it (NO OPTION TO ATTACH A FILE THO….?) try this, and thanks! freaked out here lol….. wish i knew who the experts here are –

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Asked on October 1, 2017 2:11 pm

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