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could I have mold or fungus


I recently bought a sheet of foam from a carpet warehouse to put under my memory foam mattress . as soon as I unrolled the foam I began itching and tickling all over. I threw it away but the itching continues of over a month now. I have been to the doctor and aksed for permithrin cream for scabies . I applied that twice and it has not worked. I use tea tree oil, neem oil coconut oil sterioid and oatmal lotions. I have experienced something similar to this before when I visited a freiends home and slept in a bed where the dog usaually slept and another time used a comforter that caused me sever tiching and ticking in the nose ears and skin. Both of those times I recovered the next day or so because I went home. This time the problem is in my own home. I have washed everything in hot water over and over and cleanded like a maniac and still cant sleep with the itching. i feel like things are crawlng on me , biting me and feel sometimes like Im being stung or stuck with pins. I made an apointment with a dermitoligist and it is not for months, I thought the foam might have been infested with mites from rats or owls but those kind of mites are visible and can be killed with diatomaceous earth which I used in the bed for a while. It could alos be an overabundance of dust mites , Ive read that people do get allergies to them. My question is . Is it possible that this sheet of foam contained a fungus or mold that has caused this.

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Asked on June 13, 2017 1:13 pm

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