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Hebron KY-Mold- landlord to us to leave

by Erin

Hey, I have a couple of questions I hope someone can help with. Background. .. rented a house, land lord “explained” mold issue, he said he would take care if it. We signed the lease. Next day he tells us he had a mold expert over, and was advised to remove all dehumidifiers, which he removed. Mold expert was going to return in 30 days. I notified landlord if carpenter bee problem, he told us to deal with it and then tried evicting us (unsuccessfully since we paid the rent! ) August comes, no mold expert. We pay half of august rent and tell him he needs to fix the mold issue. He tells us (on August 18) that we needed to be out by the 30th otherwise he would file another eviction that Monday. This past Friday he told us he went to court to file the eviction paperwork. Honestly, finding a home in 12 days, repacking everything, and quite frankly, having a 60lb dog and 2 grade school kids does not make it easy to find a place. My other concern is that he told us we needed to clean the carpets before we moved and that he might rent it out again to someone else. If anyone has information on who to contact, if what he is doing to us is legal, if there is any validity to my anger, what my rights are as a renter, who I could contact to make sure he can’t rent this place again, or any other pertinent suggestions , resources, or really just anything. .. I’m at a loss and I’m either going to completely lose it or start screaming, ranting and raving until someone listens! Like I said, any feedback is welcome!

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Asked on September 11, 2015 11:10 am

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