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How do I seek legal consel dealing with Black mold symptoms in my apartment?


I have been living in my residence for almost 18 years now. Black mold started appearing about 10 years ago in the soap dish and all around the shower. I used bleach many times to get rid of it. After a few years I noticed a black spot like the black mold appearing under my large toes. Soon afterwards I was diagnosed with a severe hypertensive condition and released from my job. Soon afterwards now the severe diabetes with strong fungal implications. I have included pau de arco as well as collidial silver and is recently taking small doses of Food Grade hydrogen peroxide. I also recently found what look like black mold lesions under my breast. With deterioating problems such as this I am assured I need to contact some one legal. The property I live in was once owned by Donald Trump whom I am told sold it in a rush. I have had several people state their families had to move out of here because of dust and other allergens’ is the problem. I have been told to call in professional people to test the air and mold that is accumulating because these can be highly infectious if handled wrong. I presently do not have the money for this extensive testing. What should I do ? My legs are giving me more problems and I am scheduled for a disability hearing soon. I got a cane to walk with now. Not only myself but I have seen a lot of healthy people I knew for years suddenly become, sick with all forms of debilitating illnesses. What can I do? I teach nutrition, and wellness through alternative means and have been doing it for 20 years.

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Asked on July 24, 2017 5:07 pm

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