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I live in Alabama…not much on the books regarding the subject


I have a question…live in a house that got a new roof put on 7 years ago. Roof was not done right and the homeowner hired the cheapest possible person…no warranty given then pocketed the balance of the money. The insurance company paid for the roof repair and also cut a check for damage inside the house as a result of the roof damage. No repairs were made inside. Well, house leaks, roof coming off, literally and there is various molds growing including black mold. Owner is filing another claim with insurance company to fix the roof again and requesting that the damage caused from the old and current leaks/issues be paid for, etc. Will State Farm really to pay for repairs again because the homeowner wanted to put cheap and not repair in order to pocket the difference? This seems like fraud or at the very least dishonest. My understanding is that the property owner must take all reasonable action to prevent any further loss and to expedite repairs that cause unhealthy living situations. There is and has been mold in the house for years and it is pretty much everywhere. I have lupus, sjogrens, status post TIA x 3. The smell is unbearable and my husband is sick now with URI. I am sick all the time but what is causing what is really the question. Do I have any recourse? I am not the type to complain a whole lot and I do my best to fix/maintain the things I can. I have recently taken videos and photos of all of it and after viewing them in succession I can’t help to ask myself why am I still here after 8 years of problems. If you have an opinion or can share a few facts about this issue, please help me to understand. Kindest Regards, Karin Resnick

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Asked on December 8, 2017 3:10 pm

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