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Mold mold everywhere non believers


My mold problems started ten years ago and I am still fighting Doctors and friends and mold.I was a very active women with my job body building and running Marathons until Eight years ago I became very ill and being that I worked in the medical field I expected answers all I have gotten is misdiagnosed all the way around also I am on my forth home with mold. I moved to Colorado for six months and felt great Moved back to Florida mold mold all over me . Question I do not have a ton of money to get the testing done does any body know of any research study being done I will go anywhere? I have fungus and mold in my mouth eyes fingers legs arms nose and face. Second can anyone tell me what the almost greasy film on mirrors and glass table tops before the mold gets ready to move this happens right before the house gets hit hard. Also I am seeing little black speaks everywhere and white ones I have treated with concorbium and vinger I am living with a friend who does not believe he has mold so my hands are a little tied did air test last night the humidity was 70 in the living room this morning still will not believe had roof leak also very bad black mold in the bathroom shower. Third how do we get people to open there eyes . Die and then maybe something will be done. Thank you in advance Diana please please help. Also I have tons of pictures of my last to mold problems if anyone wants to see them

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Asked on September 11, 2015 11:11 am

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