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New to mold and frightened…

by Jessica

Hi everyone


Firstly thank you. Your site has been so helpful in understanding more about what’s haappened to me. Long story short, after moving into my new place I got a ton of weird symptoms (rash, sore throat, itchy swollen eyes, asthma really bad, thrush, dizzy, headache). Felt like hell. Doctors got it wrong again and again and finally three months later a friend directed me here. Thank god. I’m now staying with my sister, having the RIGHT tests finally, and struggling to get my health and life back on track. While I wait for endless test results, and positive I now know what this is, I’d be so grateful for a few answers…

1. What diet should I follow to detox? It seems like you basically can’t eat anything but protein… so practical, realistic advice wd be much appreciated

2. Has anyone tried infrared saunas and colonics?

3. My eyelids are really swollen despite being on all these antihistamines and my sinuses and head feel so swollen and sore… I heard a horrid story about someone who had mold growing behind their eyelids and in their sinuses. I know it sounds nuts but IF I had this, how the hell do you treat it?

4. Until test results come back (and likely even after) Uk doctors treat this like an allergy. Tons of antihistamines (which are currently doing nothing) and no treatment of the underlying issue in the body. What do people think I should do as well/instead? Vitamins? Diet? Different medicines?


5. Had anyone heard of dermodex mites? I know I now sound like a hypochondriac but I have had the symptoms for years and not realised they existed before I started reading up on all this stuff. Do the two commonly go together, and how do you treat them anyway?

So grateful to this community for help.

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Asked on December 18, 2016 10:15 am

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