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Severe mold growth in refrigerator after 10 months in storage unit


I bought a 2014 Samsung refrigerator that was put into storage for 10 months. I did not know that there were proper steps I had to take and so the fridge was stored in the storage unit improperly. When I moved into my new apartment I plugged the fridge in and hours later opened it only to discover severe mold growth and smell. A good amount of the surface (inside the refrigerator) is showing black colored mold and a very small area shows what looks like brown dirt. I’ve done much research and am learning this happens to many people who improperly store their refrigerators for a few weeks. There are instructions available on how to properly clean the mold and remove the strong odor, but I am concerned because my situation was not a few weeks. Because the mold had 10 months to grow I am unsure if the mold growth has permanently damaged my $1,100 refrigerator which would potentially be a very expensive loss for me. Please help educate me a little more on the possibilities of saving my fridge and applying the safe cleaning instructions I have found in several articles (using vinegar, baking soda, and odor removal (using pure cinnamon bark oil). Thank you very much in advance!

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Asked on February 19, 2018 10:56 am

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